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Value Chains & Markets

Organic business opportunities continue to grow encouraged by consumers’ interest to access an increasing number of sustainably produced food. Organic production is a highly interesting business and farming proposition in low income countries, but it requires well-targeted efforts to develop sound value chains and well-functioning markets.

Our main activities include:

Market development projects – We support governments and international donors in designing and implementing projects that foster income, jobs and capacity development in poorer countries. We especially engage in stakeholder networking and capacity development activities linked to organic business development driven by consumer awareness creation.

Value chain development or sourcing projects – We support especially retailers and international traders in organic value chain development activities. We conduct scoping missions, value chain assessments, and farmer training to support organic conversion and use of best practice.

Backstopping and assessment of market development projects – We provide methodological and technical backstopping for implementing partners and conduct project assessments to evaluate market development outcomes and support strategic decision-making.


Thomas Bernet

Ongoing projects