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Market access facilitation for selected value chains of typical food products


The UNIDO-SECO project in Tunisia entitled Projet d’accès aux marchés des produits agroalimentaires et de terroir (PAMPAT) aims at improving the performance, market access and socio-economic conditions of the Harissa, Djebba figue and the cactus/prickle-pears value chains. The project will contribute to the implementation of the country’s fruits and vegetables export strategy launched in 2011 as well as to the overall national agro-food development programme, thus benefiting one of the most important economic sector in terms of employment and GDP.

  • Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft SECO - Economic Cooperation and Development
Rolle des FiBL

FiBL provides technical assistance services (short term) in regard to the promotion of typical and traditional food products from Tunesia, i.e. Harissa, benefiting from the recently launched “Food Quality Label Tunesia”

Änderungsdatum 06.06.2019
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