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Mistel: Mistelextrakte (ISCADOR®) in der Behandlung von Tumoren bei Kleintieren und Pferden

Offizielle Projektwebsitehttp://orgprints.org/6270/
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Certain tumour diseases in small animals and horses can be treated successful with conventional and surgery methods but are often accompanied by rapidly growing relapses. So the fibrosarcoma in cats and the equine sarcoid in horses as well as mamma carcinoma in dogs are diseases which after ordinary medical intervention are leaving a problematic situation for the owner, because they only can wait on relapses and have no abilities of active prophylaxis. The mistletoe extracts (Oak= Qu, Pine=P, Appletree=M), known from human medicine as successful anti-cancer remedies, could potentially bridge the therapy gap of preventive medicine in these diseases. The owner is able to make his contribution to the cure process. No veterinary studies are conducted yet.

Project aims:

-To evaluate the efficacy of different mistletoe extracts (ISCADOR®) in the treatment of tumour diseases in animals.


-Observation study (small animals); double blind randomized control study (horses).

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