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Management der Citrus Greening-Krankheit in der Biozitrus-Produktion in Mexiko


Coop is sourcing organic citrus juices from Mexico. For a couple of years, a new disease has been threatening the outstanding quality of this provenience: the Huanglongbing citrus greening disease (HLB). Research for solutions to this disease is of high priority. Therefore, within the frame of this project, FiBL is developing an integral management concept of the HLB disease in organic citrus production.

Detaillierte Projektbeschreibung

HLB is a highly contagious bacterial disease and affecting the quality of the juices, reducing its ratio, as well as the yield and the general health of the citrus trees. To control HLB with the methods of organic farming is a big challenge. This project aims to provide practical solutions for the organic management of the HLB disease to organic citrus producers. Further, the project aims a south-south exchange between organic citrus producers, as well as a cooperation with local research and advisory centers, under the coordination of FiBL.

Finanzierung/ Donor
  • Coop Fonds für Nachhaltigkeit
  • Partnerschaft Coop und FiBL
  • Citricos EX, Programa Orgánico
  • Universidad Nacional de Mexico (UNAM)
  • Colegio de Postgraduados
  • Centro Nacional de Referencia de Control Biológico
  • INIFAP Veracruz
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FiBL-Projektnummer 65088
Änderungsdatum 10.12.2019