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Aufbau eines Kompetenzzentrums für Biologische Landwirtschaft in der Demokratischen Volksrepublik Korea


The project’s overall objective is to contribute to food security through sustainable agriculture production in DPR Korea by applying enhanced organic technologies. The specific objective is to establish a competence centre on organic agriculture for research and training purposes to introduce and disseminate OA technologies.

The project is building capacities of Korean and technical staff and institutions to enable them to initiate contacts with non-Korean institutions and update their technical knowledge in order to strengthen their capacity to address the food security problems by their own national means:

  • To gain theoretical and practical knowledge, one farm unit will be converted to organic agriculture, serving as model farm.
  • A Korean expert team will be available that is familiar with organic agriculture technologies and qualified to run a competence centre and be able to provide expertise/training on organic agriculture.
  • An on-farm research concept that was developed and implemented already has initial scientific results on the application of organic agriculture technologies in DPRK.
  • The competence centre will be established to disseminate organic agriculture technology know-how.
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