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Entwicklung des Biolandbaus Mazedonien (OradeM): Politik-Beratung


The overall goal was to develop organic agriculture in Macedonia based on a network of stakeholders and consequently improve the economic situation of farmers and provide improved access to organic quality products for consumers.

Detaillierte Projektbeschreibung

Project Results:

Policy dialogue: Organic legislation is operational and implemented. It is aligned with EU Regulation 2092/91. A National Action and Strategy Plan for Organic Agriculture with a total budget of 40 Mio MKD for 2008 and 50 Mio MKD for 2009 has been elaborated and adopted by the Parliament.
Education: Organic Agriculture Production is as a facultative subject in the 4th year of education with 66 lessons in all 10 Agricultural High Schools. Teachers are trained, teaching material available and 90% of the students chose the subject (1’537 students)
Multiplication: A team of trained organic agricultural advisors is available and provided services to the 238 converted and certified farmers
Market development: Macedonian Organic products are available on the market, relevant experiences with different sales channels could be gained and consumer’s awareness is initiated through organic days.
Institutional development: A network among organic farmers, traders and MAFWE could be established and relevant experience in the establishment of federations been gained.

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  • Huber Beate (Departement für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
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