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Organic Certification and Market Development, Lebanon


The main objective of the project was to provide technical assistance to Lebanese partners in order to develop the domestic and international market for Lebanese organic products. This has been achieved by establishing Libancert as a professional, independent and locally owned certification agency and by capacity building in the field of marketing of organic products by means of training, pilot projects and public relation.   
 The set up of an independent Lebanese certification agency aimed at offering a cost-efficient and credible inspection and certification for organic products to farmers, processors and traders of all sizes. Doing so, their access to export and domestic markets has been facilitated. Furthermore, Lebanese consumers are protected from bogus organic products which should increase the credibility on the domestic market.

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  • Huber Beate (Departement für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
FiBL-Projektnummer 65008
Änderungsdatum 14.06.2019