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Enhancing Marketing Opportunities for Organic and Fair-Trade Products from Central America (eCo-Mercados)


The project aims at improving the commercialisation of organic and fair-trade products from Central America in order to facilitate the access of a diversified offer to international, regional and national markets, through the development of market intelligence, the support of pilot commercialisation cases to link buyers and sellers, and the provision of capacity building in marketing techniques.

Central American countries are important producers of organic products and various certification companies are already operating in the region. The export base, however, is heavily dependent on a limited number of products, which threatens the sustainability of this export sector. There is thus an urgent need to diversify the export base and develop regional and national markets, which are growing and have an interesting potential. Connecting the market demand with the product supply will form the core approach of the project.  Since local certification services for organic products are already available in the region, the project will concentrate on the commercialisation of organic production. FiBL services comprise of support and advice on the activities of the Ecomercados Project.

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FiBL-Projektnummer 65010
Änderungsdatum 14.06.2019