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Use and efficiency of public support measures addressing organic farming


Organic farming has been supported through policy measures which contributed to the growth of the organic sector in the European Union. However, the degree and type of support for organic farming differs substantially between the Member States. Against this background, this study aims at documenting and assessing the public support by describing, reviewing and categorising the instruments and measures used and the levels of support offered.

The study consists of two parts:
Part A provides a comprehensive description and review of the public support measures in place for organic farming, including a categorisation of the mix of measures used. It covers 27 Member States and refers to the current RDP (Rural Development Programme) period 2007 – 2013.
Part B explores in depth the relationship between policy measures, policy strategies and the development of organic farming.
One key conclusion of the study is that the role of organic support policies in fostering organic farming is very complex. In order to understand the contribution of public organic support policies to the development of the organic sector, it is not enough to consider the degree and the type of support for organic farming only.

Finanzierung/ Donor

European Commission DG Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Thünen Institute, DE
  • Organic Research Centre (ORC), UK
  • Politechnical University of Marche, IT
  • Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information, CZ
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