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Projekttitel Robust planting material from seeds to young plants - an implementation oriented chain approach
Offizielles Akronym COST Bioseedling
FiBL-Projektnummer 15113

The project aims to develop improved production procedures for vegetable seedlings of rocket and corn salad. These improved production protocols, starting from the seed production, will allow better disease control at seedling stage and vigorous planting material for high productivity.


  • In work package 1 a case study on the state of the art of a selected Swiss organic seed grower will be carried out. Potential improvements of existing standard protocols will be tested on-farm.
  • In work package  2 existing seed treatment methods will be compared and compiled within a literature study conducted together with all COST partners. The best methods will be tested on selected seed lots.
  • In work package 3 health and vigor of seedlings will be improved. Experiments will be conducted on substrate additives (e.g. compost), physical treatments (e.g. UV radiation) and plant strengthening products including resistance elicitors.
  • In work package 4 the best methods will be tested in combination. Effects will be evaluated after planting and on yield.

The dissemination will strongly focus on seedling and vegetable growers.

Projektstatus abgeschlossen
Projektbeginn 01.03.2014
Projektende 28.02.2016
Finanzierung/ Donor

State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI

FiBL-Projektleitung/ Kontakt
  • Koller Martin (Departement für Nutzpflanzenwissenschaften)
Änderungsdatum 04.06.2019
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