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Projekttitel Europäisches Konsortium für ökologische Pflanzenzüchtung
Offizielles Akronym ECO-PB
FiBL-Projektnummer 10078

The European Consortium for Organic plant breeding (ECO-PB), founded 20th April 2001 in Driebergen (NL), pursues...

  • provides a platform for discussion and exchange of knowledge and experiences.
  • inititiates and supports organic plant breeding programmes,
  • supports the development of scientific concepts of an organic plant breeding
  • provides independent, competent expertise to develop standard setting with respect to organic plant breeding

The European Consortium for Organic plant breeding (ECO-PB)

  • commits itself to the principles of organic agriculture as laid down in the IFOAM Basic Standards and EU Regulation (EEC) 2092/91
  • is member of IFOAM International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
  • offers full membership to all organisations that are actively and predominantly engaged in the development and promotion of organic plant breeding or organic agriculture
  • offers supporting membership to all persons and organisations predominantly engaged in organic agriculture and complying with the objectives of the association
  • carries out meetings on organic plant breeding issues
  • works out a sound concept based on principles of organic agriculture as a basis for organic plant breeding
  • sets up organic variety trials on cereal and vegetable crops in different countries in Europe to study how they perform under different conditions
  • sets up research projects on organic plant breeding
  • raises funds for projects and ECO-PB's work
  • providing discussion paper on plant breeding issues to support the decision making process
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Projektstatus laufend
Projektbeginn 20.04.2011
Finanzierung/ Donor



Full Members

  • Association Biologisch-Dynamischer Pflanzenzüchter (D) 
  • Bingenheim Saatgut AG (D) 
  • Danish Consortium for Organic Plant Breeding
  • Elm Farm Research Center (UK) 
  • Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (CH, D)
  • Institut Technique de l'Agricluture Biologique (F) 
  • Louis Bolk Instituut (NL)
  • Nafferton Ecological Farming Group, University of Newcastle (UK) 
  • Stichting Zaadgoed (NL) 
  • Vitalis Biologische Zaden B.V. (NL) 

Associate Members

  • Bart Vosselmann, de Bolster (NL)
  • Reseau Smences Paysannes (F)
  • Beat Boller, Agroscope FAL (CH)
  • Prof. Dirk Reheul, University of Gent (BE)
  • Weijland Bram, Bejo (NL)
  • Dr. Franziska Löschenberger, Saatzucht Donau (AT)
  • Prof. Maria Finckh, University Kassel (D)
  • Aina Kokare, State Priekuli Plant breeding institute (LV)
  • Dominique Desclaux, INRA - UE DIASCOPE Domaine de Melgueil (F)
  • Prof. Gunter Backes, University of Kassel (D)
FiBL-Projektleitung/ Kontakt
Rolle des FiBL

FiBL is a founding member of ECO-PB and holds presently presidency

Änderungsdatum 11.06.2019
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