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Food quality

Food quality

Projects on the theme

Status FiBL Title Start End
ongoing CH Higher Value Added Trade from the Organic and the Dairy Sector in Ukraine (Quality FOOD Trade Program) 23.08.2019 31.12.2022
completed DE EIT Food Project – The development of organic supply chains that drive fair, transparent and healthy options for the consumer (EIT Food Projekt) 18.03.2019 31.12.2019
completed CH Better Trainings for Safer Food (BTSF): Organic Farming Scheme 16.06.2016 15.06.2020
completed CH Tropane alkaloids in organic food 01.01.2016 30.09.2016
completed CH Pesticide Residues in Silo Walls 01.04.2015 30.09.2015
completed DE Environmentally-friendly management of hygiene in food processing units 01.09.2014 28.02.2017
completed CH Mineralöl aus Altkarton- und Altpapierverpackungen in Lebensmitteln (Factsheet Mineralöl) 01.06.2014 31.12.2014
completed CH Cadmium availability in soils and its uptake by cocoa in Latin America (CdOCOA) 01.04.2014 31.12.2016
completed CH Ensuring the integrity of the European food chain (FOODINTEGRITY) 01.01.2014 31.12.2018
completed CH Packaging materials: Plasticisers from gaskets in screw caps 01.01.2014 31.12.2015
completed CH Detergents and disinfectants 01.01.2014 31.12.2015
completed CH Sustainability in gastronomy 01.01.2014 31.12.2015
ongoing CH Packaging materials: Bio-based plastics 01.01.2014 not defined
completed CH Analysis of the state of knowledge on quality, consumer protection and processing of organic food 08.06.2011 31.03.2012
completed CH Syprobio-Improving farmers income and food security in diversified organic production systems in West-Africa (SYPROBIO) 01.01.2011 31.12.2015
completed CH Kurs Umgang mit Rückständen 30.10.2009 30.10.2009
completed CH Differenzierende Methoden und Methoden der Evaluierung 01.02.2009 30.07.2011
completed CH Organic Sensory Information System (OSIS): Documentation of sensory properties through testing and consumer research for the organic industry (ECROPOLIS) 01.01.2009 31.12.2011
completed CH Nützlinge im Vorratsschutz 01.01.2009 31.12.2011
completed CH Nachhaltige Verpackung von Bio-Lebensmitteln: Ein Leitfaden für Unternehmen 15.12.2008 28.02.2011
completed CH Risiko basierte Kontrolle 01.09.2008 30.08.2011
completed CH Inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) and rhizobacteria (PGPR) for sustainable cropping systems in India (ISCB BFNet FiBL (Biofertilizer Network)) 01.01.2008 31.12.2014
completed CH Contamination in Organic Vegetables (PathOrganic) 01.08.2007 30.07.2011
completed CH Coop Naturaplan-Fonds: Einfluss von Diäten aus konventioneller und biologischer Erzeugung auf Gesundheits- und Leistungsparameter von Kaninchen 01.05.2006 01.05.2009
completed CH Nützlinge in der Schädlingsbekämpfung 01.01.2006 31.12.2008

Total datasets : 41