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Soil fertility

Soil fertility

Projects on the theme

Status FiBL Title Start End
ongoing DE CH Overcoming the physical and mental barriers for upscaling Conservation Agriculture in the Mediterranean (ConServeTerra) 01.07.2020 30.06.2024
ongoing CH Knowledge Centers Organic Agriculture for Africa (KCOA) 01.04.2020 31.12.2021
ongoing CH Bodenqualitätsindikatoren BQI-CH Perspektivmethode Infrarot-Spektroskopie 01.11.2019 01.02.2021
ongoing CH Training materials and courses for best practices in organic and dynamic Cocoa Agroforestry systems 01.11.2019 31.12.2021
completed CH Konzeption und Umsetzung des Klimafolgen-Bodenmonitoring-Verbunds für die Themen Bodenbiologie und organische Bodensubstanz (Verbund20: Klimafolgen-Bodenmonitoring) 14.10.2019 31.12.2020
ongoing CH Sustainable management of organic municipal waste in the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica 01.08.2019 31.08.2021
ongoing CH Farmer capacity development to improve organic sesame production in Ethiopia 01.07.2019 30.06.2022
ongoing AT Erosion protection and resource conservation in organic maize cultivation 01.05.2019 30.04.2022
ongoing DE Competence and Practice Research Network for the Further Development of Nutrient Management in Organic Agriculture (NutriNet) 01.03.2019 29.02.2024
ongoing CH Dynamics of carbon sequestration and stabilisation in a long-term agricultural trial (DynaCarb) 01.01.2019 31.12.2022
completed CH Legumes Translated (Translating knowledge for legume-based farming for feed and food systems) (Legumes Translated) 01.11.2018 31.12.2020
ongoing CH Dynamic Agroforestry Systems (DAFS) (DAFS) 01.04.2018 31.12.2021
ongoing CH Use of functional agro-biodiversity to improve ecosystem services in vineyards 01.01.2018 31.12.2021
completed CH Day of organic arable farming 2019 01.01.2018 31.12.2019
completed CH Auswirkungen eines Hochfrequenz Strom Wandlers auf die Umwelt (Unkraut, Bodenbiologie und Fauna) (Zasso Elektroherb) 01.08.2017 31.12.2017
ongoing CH Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and nutrient use (SolACE) 01.05.2017 30.04.2022
completed FR CH Compost - Soil fertility and plant health 01.03.2017 31.12.2019
completed CH Pyrophos: Further development of alkali pyrolysis for removal of heavy metals and production of a market-grade P-K fertilizer from sewage sludge (PyroPhos II) 01.01.2017 30.09.2020
completed CH Managing soil biodiversity and ecosystem services in agroecosystems across Europe under climate change (SOILCLIM) 01.01.2017 31.12.2019
completed CH Application of organic bio-fertilizer technology to improve the sustainability of date palm production and cultivation (fertiledatepalm) 01.08.2016 31.07.2019
completed CH Solutions for quality cereal production in low fertilty situations (CerQual) 01.07.2016 30.06.2020
completed CH Improving disease resistance of peas through selection at the plant-soil interface (resPEAct) 01.06.2016 31.12.2020
completed AT Development of yield and humus formation in the soil through reduced soil cultivation and organic fertilization (green manure and organic fertilizer) (AG-BIOBO) 14.03.2016 28.02.2019
ongoing CH Indicators and monitoring of agricultural soil biodiversity (BioDivSol) 01.02.2016 31.12.2022
completed CH Interactive Soil Quality Assessment in Europe and China for Agricultural Productivity and Environmental Resilience (iSQAPER) 01.05.2015 30.04.2020

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