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Agriculture in the tropics & subtropics

Agriculture in the tropics & subtropics

Projects on the theme

Status FiBL Title Start End
ongoing Etablierung des Lavendelanbaus im Mühlviertel - Kultivierungsversuche, Entwicklung von Ernte- und Aufbereitungstechniken sowie Produktentwicklung (Mühlviertler Granit Lavendel) 01.08.2020 31.07.2022
completed CH Role of crop diversification in livelihood improvement of Indian organic cotton growers 17.01.2020 31.10.2020
completed CH Research Backstopper for Inception Phase of the Establishment of Northern Africa Organic Knowledge Hub 01.12.2019 30.04.2020
ongoing CH Training materials and courses for best practices in organic and dynamic Cocoa Agroforestry systems 01.11.2019 31.12.2021
ongoing EU Start-Up Bio (Start-Up Bio) 01.11.2019 31.10.2021
completed CH Meta-analysis on the sustainability of cocoa production systems along a diversity gradient (Biodiversity Climate) 01.01.2019 30.04.2020
completed CH Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework for the Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa 01.10.2018 30.04.2019
completed CH Organic and Fair Palm Oil Production 01.10.2018 31.03.2019
completed CH Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung von Avocado Zulieferbetrieben zur Hotspot- und Risikoanalyse für die REWE Group 01.01.2018 31.12.2018
ongoing CH Seeding the Green Future: Breeding for Securing Organic Cotton & Genetic Diversity Phase II (2018-2022) (SGF) 01.01.2018 30.06.2022
ongoing CH Enhancing supply chain stability, resilience and sustainability through improved sub-supplier management – chocolate and cotton apparel case studies 01.01.2018 30.06.2022
completed CH DE Green Innovation Centres in the Agriculture and Food Sector - Working Group on Organic Agriculture 01.08.2017 31.12.2018
completed CH Seeding the Green Future: Breeding for Securing Organic Cotton & Genetic Diversity Phase I (Indian Cotton Season 2017/18) (SGF) 01.01.2017 31.03.2018
completed CH Colombia + Competitiva - Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Private Sector 01.01.2017 30.06.2019
completed CH Transdisciplinary systems research to develop a novel holistic concept for reducing the spread and impact of Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Disease in West Africa (TransdisCSSVD) 01.04.2015 31.12.2018
completed CH Yamsys, Biophysical and socio-economic drivers of sustainable soil use in yam cropping systems for improved food security in West Africa (Yamsys) 01.11.2014 30.11.2020
completed CH Zinc Biofortification of Wheat through Organic Matter Management in Sustainable Agriculture (ZOMM) 01.11.2013 31.10.2016
completed CH Productivity and Profitability of Organic and Conventional Farming Systems 01.07.2013 31.12.2019
ongoing CH Decentralised farmers participatory identification and selection of cotton cultivars suitable to organic and Low-Input conditions in India (Green Cotton) 01.01.2013 not defined
completed CH Barry Callebaut cocoa production research: System research approach to increase cocoa sustainability 01.05.2011 31.12.2016
completed CH Biolandbau in Surinam 01.01.2011 31.12.2012
completed CH Fertile Soil for Peri-Urban Agriculture in Hyderabad 01.01.2011 31.12.2013
completed CH Organic cotton- Experimental Learning Methodologies 01.01.2010 31.07.2010
completed CH African Organic Farming Training Manual 01.10.2009 31.12.2015
completed CH Organic Orange and Grapefruit Juice Production, Mexico 01.01.2007 31.12.2014

Total datasets : 27