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Entire FiBL team

Adamtey NoahResilient cropping systems, soil fertility & plant nutrition+41 (0)62 865-7249CH
Ahmad AnilaFinance and accounting+49 (0)69 7137699-67DE
Alföldi ThomasResearch networks, communication projects, audio-visual media+41 (0)62 865-7231CH
Alkemade JorisPlant breeding and phytopathology+41 (0)62 865-1716CH
Amsler ThomasHead of Facility Management+41 (0)62 865-7205CH
Amsler-Kepalaite ZivileField trials, laboratory+41 (0)62 865-7259CH
Armengot Martinez LauraAgroforestry, farming systems+41 (0)62 865-7261CH
Arncken-Karutz ChristineHolistic grain quality, seed and breeding for organic agriculture+41 (0)62 865-7237CH
Arsonneau FlorenceDirector of FiBL France, fundraising, communication, project development and networking+33 (0)4 75254155FR
Augustin JohannesEducation and Training+49 (0)6322 98970-231DE
Baki CemHermetia illucens production BLW project, Animal Nutrition (GenTore Project)+41(0)62 865-0483CH
Bartel-Kratochvil RuthSustainability assessment+43 (0)1 9076313-23AT
Basler AndreasTranslations, web support+41 (0)62 865-7213CH
Baumgart LukasSustainability assessment+41 (0)62 865-7240CH
Baumgartner FabianFruit and berry cultivation, Cultivation technique and experimental trials+41 (0)62 865-1737CH
Bautze DavidResilient cropping systems, farming systems+41 (0)62 865-0491CH
Bayer ErikaSecretariat FiBL Switzerland, Advertisments "bioaktuell"+41 (0)62 865-7200CH
Becker MonikaEvent organization+49 (0)6322 98970-226DE
Beermann AnkeDoctoral candidate, project realisation+41(0)62 865-6369
Bernet ThomasGroup lead Value chains & markets, nutrition sensitive agriculture+41 (0)62 865-1710CH
Bertschin SarahProject controlling+41 (0)62 865-6371
Betz PatriciaBio mit Gesicht+49 (0)69 7137699-26DE
Biasio AniaEditor and Content Management+41 62 865-0447
Bieber AnnaAnimal breeding and husbandry: cattle+41 (0)62 865-7256CH
Biegel UlrikeMistletoe therapy for dogs and cats+41 (0)62 865-0407CH
Bircher ErikaRestaurant, domestic services+41 (0)62 865-5036CH
Bircher RichardExtensions in sustainability, biodiversity, Organic seeds database+41 (0)62 865-7295CH
Bissig SimoneLayout of the magazine "Bioaktuell", graphics+41 (0)62 865-7266CH
Blockeel JohanSustainability assessment+41 (0)62 865-0479CH
Bodenhausen NatachaMicrobiome, molecular biology, microbiology+41 (0)62 865-7299CH
Böhler DanielExtensions in arable farming+41 (0)56 243-1837CH
Bosem-Baillod AlietteAgroecology+41 (0)62 865-6386CH
Bougouin HélèneInnovative production systems, economics+41 (0)62 865-1732CH
Boutry ClémenceCultivation Technique Fruit and Berry crops+41 (0)62 865-1740CH
Bouy MichelAnimal health and livestock production, Veterinary phytotherapy+33 (0) 6 83 47 88 25
Braun JanineResearch in animal breeding+41 (0)62 865-7272
Bruder VeraTraining+49 (0)6322 98970-228DE
Brüggemann JudithPolicy impact assessment, modelling (FARMIS)+41 (0)62 865-0450CHDE
Bünemann-König ElseGroup lead Nutrient Management & Symbiosis+41 (0)62 865-0482CH
Cafaro ImmacolataDomestic services+41 (0)62 865-5036CH
Cahenzli FabianGroup lead agroecology and entomology, Biological pest control+41 (0)62 865-7281CH
Charles RaphaëlHead of the Department Suisse Romande, arable crops, soil+41 (0)62 865-1725CH
Chevillat VéroniqueExtensions in feedstuffs, plant production trials, biodiversity+41 (0)62 865-0412CH
Christen OphélieMistletoe therapy for horses+41 (0)62 865-7272CH
Cicek HarunResilient cropping systems, dryland agriculture+41 (0)62 865-0456CH
Curran MichaelSustainability assessment+41 (0)62 865-0430CH
Daniel ClaudiaGroup lead Entomology, Biological pest control+41 (0)62 865-7291CH
de Porras Acuña Miguel AngelDirector, Representing national FiBL offices in Brussels+32 (0)483 516-831EU
Deppeler LarsSecretariat FiBL Switzerland+41 (0)62 865-0446CH
Dierauer HansueliGroup lead Cultivation Technique Arable Crops+41 (0)62 865-7265CH
Dietemann LaurenProject dissemination, English communication, Internet editorial team+41 (0)62 865-0408
Dietl AlexanderSustainability assessment+43 (0)1 9076313-22AT
Dind AliceProject assistant+41 (0)62 865-0403CH
Drapela ThomasSustainability assessment, biodiversity+43 (0)1 9076313-22AT
Drexler DóraOrganic agriculture in HungaryCH
Ebner CarolineInputs, quality assurance, provenance assurance+49 (0)69 7137699-30DE
Eckerstorfer KatrinBiokompetenzzentrum Schlägl+43 (0)732 7720-34123AT
Efosa NorahPhD Candidate+41 (0)62 865-0429CH
Eggimann ManuelaAgrobiology Lab Technician+41 (0)62 865-7268
Eich MarieScientific collaborator+41 (0)62 865-0467CH
Eichinger AnjaAnimal husbandry, Schule des Essens+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Eisenring TobiasGroup lead Policy & sector development, Regional branding, Geographical indications+41 (0)62 865-0420CH
Eppenstein Rennie C.Health of dairy cows, health of calves+41 (0)62 865-6366CH
Erhart AnjaSustainable food service+49 (0)69 7137699-66
Eymann GerdAdministration+49 (0)69 7137699-46DE
Ferrari LeonePlant breeding, Project management+41 (0)62 865-1739CH
Finsterwald SibylleCook+41 (0)62 865-5036CH
Fito LaurèneMicrobiology, laboratory+33 (0)4 75254155FR
Fliessbach AndreasGroup lead Soil Fertility & Climate, soil biology, soil ecology+41 (0)62 865-7225CH
Flury PascalePhytopathology+41 (0)62 865-6381CH
Folkerts InsaEvent organization, Öko-Feldtage+49 (0)69 7137699-82DE
Franz IsabellEvent organization+49 (0)69 7137699-31DE
Frehner AnitaPhD student, modelling of global food systems+41 (0)62 865-0466CH
Frick HannaPhD student+41 (0)62 865-0448CH
Frick RebekkaUrban food systems, regional development+41 (0)62 865-7223CH
Friedli MichaelGroup lead Cultivation Technique Fruit and Berry crops+41 (0)62 865-7284CH
Frohnwieser ThomasAdministration+43 (0)1 9076313AT
Früh BarbaraLead group Animal Housing & Livestock Breeding, feedstuffs, non-ruminants+41 (0)62 865-7218CH
Fuchs JacquesPhytopathology, compost quality, soil-borne diseases+41 (0)62 865-7230CH
Furtwengler JanaInputs, quality assurance, provenance assurance, residues+49 (0)69 7137699-65DE
Gabel Vanessa MariaEditor+41 (0)62 865-0414CH
Garibay SalvadorValue chains & markets, beekeeping+41 (0)62 865-7282CH
Gattinger AndreasResearch and project management in organic agriculture and climate change+49 (0)641 99-37730DE
Gatzert XeniaSustainable farming systems, Theme lead inputs research+49 (0)69 7137699-62DE
Gehard ElsaFurther education and Training+49 (0)6322 98970-227DE
Gelencsér TobiasArable crops, Field trials, projects+41 (0)62 865-7251CH
Geßl ReinhardAnimal husbandry+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Goldmann EvaResilient cropping systems, farming systems+41 (0)62 865-6367CH
Gräber HilleAdministration, media design+49 (0)69 7137699-68DE
Gräub BenjaminExpert on Digital Training Materials for African Farmers+41 62 865-1735
Gräub BenjaminPolicy & sector development, digital training+41 (0)62 865-1735CH
Greger Lotharsystemic knowledge transfer+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Greiner Ramonaeducation and training+49 (0)6322 98970-210DE
Grossrieder BeatMagazine «Bioaktuell», communications+41 (0)62 865-0460
Grovermann ChristianGroup lead Agri Policy, rural development+41 (0)62 865-0450CH
Guhrke LenaQuality assurance, provenance assurance, inputs+49 (0)69 7137699-77DE
Günther AnjaAdministration, inputs+49 (0)69 7137699-64DE
Gusenbauer IsabellaSustainability assessment+43 (0)1 9076313-22AT
Haberkorn MoritzComputer administration+43 (0)1 9076313AT
Haller LisaRepresenting national FiBL offices, international cooperation+32 (0)483 516-931EU
Hämmerli FranziskaActivity report+41 (0)62 865-7280CH
Hansen HellaEditorship, public relations+49 (0)69 7137699-45DE
Harinck ElinaAdministration, accounting+33 (0)4 75254155FR
Häseli AndreasGroupCultivation Technique Fruit+41 (0)62 865-7264CH
Hauenstein SamuelGroup lead Cultivation Technique Vegetable Crops and herbs+41 (0)62 865-7234CH
Haug BenediktPh.D. student, plant breeding, cereal-legume intercropping+41 (0)62 865-0499CH
Heckendorn FelixPresident of FiBL France, endoparasites in ruminants+41 (0)62 865-7293CHFR
Hediger FlorianData analysis+41 (0)62 865-6370
Heidenreich AnjaSustainability assessment+41 (0)62 865-0486CH
Henryson Ann-SofieEductaion and training, event organization, visualisation+49 (0)69 7137699-47DE
Herforth-Rahmé JoelleVegetable growing+41 (0)62 865-0436CH
Hermanowski RobertManaging director, project management, public relations+49 (0)69 7137699-73DE
Hermanowski SusanneEditorship, public relations+49 (0)69 7137699-44DE
Hochreiter JuliaBiokompetenzzentrum Schlägl+43 (0)732 7720-34123AT
Hofstetter-Müller AnnaCo-tenant of the FiBL farm+41 (0)81 860-3524CH
Hofstetter-Müller GerhardCo-tenant of the FiBL farm+41 (0)79 683-8791CH
Hohmann PierrePlant breeding+41 (0)62 865-0476CH
Holinger MirjamAnimal welfare & behaviour, pigs, data analysis+41 (0)62 865-7224CH
Home RobertAgricultural knowledge systems, agricultural innovation networks+41 (0)62 865-7215CH
Hörtenhuber StefanSustainability assessment, water footprinting+43 (0)1 9076313-23DEAT
Huber BeatePresident FiBL Europe, Head of Department, Member ot the Board of Directors+41 (0)62 865-0425CH
Huber KathrinDevelopment of educational projects, teaching materials, urban green spaces, potted herbs, ornamental plants+41 (0)62 865-0478CH
Hunziker-Rohrer TrudiCook+41 (0)62 865-5036CH
Jahn GundulaTraining and extension+49 (0)6322 98970-220DE
Jahrl IngridUrban food systems+41 (0)62 865-7250CH
Jenni AnnaBreeding, fattening, alternative breeds+41 (0)62 865-7272CH
Joshi TanayResilient cropping systems, cottonCH
Kadzere IrenePolicy & sector development, nutrition sensitive agriculture+41 (0)62 865-7276CH
Kalchofner SerainaStrategic Corporate Communications & Media Spokesperson+41 (0)62 865-6390
Kampermann IvonneTropical Cropping Systems, Management Support+41 (0)62 865-6385CH
Kasperczyk NadjaSustainable agriculture, biodiversity, biological gardening and environmental education+49 (0)69 7137699-32DE
Keller ChigusaAssistant to directors+41 (0)62 865-6368
Kemper LauraInternet editorial team, English communications, Project dissemination+41 (0)62 865-1711CH
Kirchmeier SigridAnimal welfare+49 (0)69 7137699-58DE
Klaiss Matthiasorganic seeds, arable farming+41 (0)62 865-7208CH
Kleine-Herzbruch NatalieInternet, programming, development, web design+49 (0)69 7137699-84DE
Klingbacher ElisabethConsumer information, communication, website content management+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Knoll MaximilianPhD student seminars+49 (0)69 7137699-0DE
Krähenbühl SerinaAssistant+41 (0)62 865-0446CH
Kranzler AndreasDirector FiBL Austria+43 (0)1 9076313-21AT
Krause Hans-MartinGreenhouse gas emissions, Soil microbiology+41 (0)62 865-0409CH
Krauss MaikeLong-term trials, soil quality, greenhouse gas emissions, precision farming+41 (0)62 865-0435CH
Kretzschmar-Rüger UrsulaPractice oriented research and advice in the area of food quality, safety and processing along the entire production chain+41 (0)62 865-0427
Kuhn AntonLaboratory management+41 (0)62 865-7235CH
Kummer SusanneSustainability assessment+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Kundel DominikaPhD student+41 (0)62 865-7202CH
Ladmann RainerAdministration+49 (0)69 7137699-0DE
Lambertz ChristianAnimal welfare, assessment of livestock systems+49 (0)69 7137699-34DE
Landert JanSustainability assessment+41 (0)62 865-0442CH
Lazzarini GiannaSustainability assessment+41 (0)62 865-1717CH
Lazzaro MariateresaPlant breeding, organic seeds databaseEU
Lebleu FloreFruit growing, berries and special fruit horticulture+41 (0)62 865-1726CH
Lèbre AmélieScientific collaborator, experimental trials+33 (0)6 30843195FR
Leiber FlorianHead of department, member of the board of directors, Lead group Animal Nutrition+41 (0)62 865-7217CH
Leschenne VirginieEvaluation of fertilisers+41 (0)62 865 6383
Leu StefanieSecretariat FiBL Switzerland, administration FiBL courses+41 (0)62 865-7274CH
Leubin MarkusTechnical employee+41 (0)62 865-0459CH
Lévite DominiqueViticulture, oenology+41 (0)62 865-7248CH
Liebl Boriseducation and training, inspection and certification, events and trade fairs+49 (0)69 7137699-74DE
Lindenthal ThomasSustainability assessment, climate protection+43 (0)1 9076313-22AT
Lori MartinaSoil microbiology, molecular biology+41 (0)62 865-7271CH
Ludwig MathiasTest engineer+41 (0)62 865-0458CH
Luka HenrykAgroecology, Biodiversity, habitat management, Taxonomie, Ecology of Carabidae and Staphylinidae+41 (0)62 865-7244CH
Luka-Stan AgataAgroecology+41 (0)62 865-1750CH
Lüscher AlineEditor Bioaktuell+41(0)62 865-0489
Mäder PaulHead of department, member of the board of directors, DOK trial, soil biology, mycorrhiza, soil fertility+41 (0)62 865-7232CH
Mäder RolfTheme lead inputs data management and certification+49 (0)69 7137699-71DE
Maeschli ArianeHealth of dairy cows, complementary and alternative medicine+41 (0)62 865-0428CH
Marchand DavidAdvising and research in organic vinegrowing and winemaking+41 (0)62 865-0449CH
Mark JenniferPlant protection, Phytopathology+41 (0)62 865-0453CH
Markut TheresiaSustainability assessment+43 (0)1 9076313-22AT
Maurer VeronikaGroup lead Animal Health, Ectoparasites, list of approved substances+41 (0)62 865-7257CH
Mayer MariusPhD student+41 (0)62 865-1730CH
McAlavey ThomasCoordination of research projects and trials on the FiBL-Farm+41 (0)62 865-7220CH
Meier ClaudiaConsumer research+41 (0)62 865-7283CH
Meier JuliaKnowledge transfer, project management, editorship (internet and print)+49 (0)69 7137699-43DE
Meili Ericdairy and meat production, Extensions in market development, farm planning+41 (0)79 236-4718CH
Meindl PeterBiodiversity, nature conservation+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Meinshausen FlorentinePolicy & sector development, group certification+41 (0)62 865-6384CH
Menoud ValérieDissertation project about phytotherapeutic endometritis therapy in dairy cattle+41 (0)62 865-0487CH
Merz AnneHead of secretariat FiBL Switzerland, member of the board of directors, head of quality management, organisation ABIM+41 (0)62 865-7204CH
Messmer MonikaGroup lead Plant Breeding+41 (0)62 865-0443CH
Meyer JohannesAdministration+49 (0)69 7137699-36DE
Meyer KatharinaRegional marketing, groundwater protection, international projects+49 (0)69 7137699-39DE
Miersch ClaudiaRegional marketing, feasibility study+49 (0)69 7137699-0DE
Milan Marlene ArianaQuality assurance, inputs, residues+49 (0)69 7137699-76DE
Moakes SimonGroup lead Food Policy, Development of economic sustainability indicators, farm sustainability assessment, farm accounting, economic assessment+41 (0)62 865-0415CH
Moschitz HeidrunGroup lead Society and Innovation, Agricultural policy, rural sociology+41 (0)62 865-7214CH
Möstl AndreasSocioeconomics, marketing+49 (0)69 7137699-63DE
Müller AdrianAgriculture and climate change, policy instruments, food system models+41 (0)62 865-7252CH
Munyangabe AdolpheLaboratory+41 (0)62 865-7235CH
Nefzger NicoleRural regions, value chains+49 (0)69 7137699-42DE
Neuerburg WolfgangInputs, quality assurance, provenance assurance+49 (0)69 7137699-0DE
Neuthard CorinnaSustainable communal catering+49 (0)69 7137699-28DE
Nicolay Gian L.Group Policy & sector development, Africa coordinator+41 (0)62 865-0454CH
Niggli JeremiasField trials and advisory services arable farming+41 (0)62 865-6389CH
Notz ChristopheAnimal Nutrition, Extensions in Livestock+41 (0)62 865-7285CH
Oberhänsli ThomasMolecular biology, plant pathology, microbiology+41 (0)62 865-7297CH
Obrist RobertHead of department, member of the board of directors, Group lead Advisory Coordination and Training Coordination+41 (0)62 865-7221CH
Oehen BernadetteGroup lead Consumers and Food, Technology assessment, environmental risk analysis, environmental monitoring+41 (0)62 865-7212CH
Papagiannakis HarisStaff researcher, Sustainability assessment+41 (0)62 865-7272CH
Pedross PiaOrganic input evaluation+32 (0)483 516-734EU
Pelikan BirgitAssistant to the manager+43 (0)1 9076313-21AT
Perler ErikaField and laboratory trials+41 (0)62 865-7259CH
Perrochet FrédéricField trials (DOK, compound trial, reduce tillage trial)+41 (0)62 865-7201CH
Petrasek RichardSustainability assessment, biodiversity+43 (0)1 9076313-23AT
Pfeifer CatherineSMART, Sustainability assessment, Big data+41 (0)62 865-6380CH
Pfeiffer DennisTheme lead inputs evaluation+49 (0)69 7137699-61DE
Pfiffner LukasAgroecology, biodiversity, nature conservation, evaluation, cultivation systems+41 (0)62 865-7246CH
Piccot DelphineResearch assistant, Innovative agricultural production systems+41 (0)62 865-1755CH
Pinho CarlaEU Project Manager+32 (0)483 517-418EU
Plesch GudrunAnimal welfare, assessment of livestock systems+49 (0)69 7137699-38DE
Possienke MareikeInputs, residues+49 (0)69 7137699-70DE
Prehofer GwendolynAnimal husbandry+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Quander-Stoll NelePhD student, animal feeding+41 (0)62 865-0405CH
Quiédeville SylvainSocio-economic impact assessment, innovation and economic analysis, agricultural policy+41 (0)62 865-0424CHEU
Rakowitsch BettinaAdministration, Inputs list for organic agriculture+49 (0)69 7137699-0DE
Rathmanner TheresSchule des Essens+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Rebholz TheresaEditor magazine "Bioaktuell", internet editorial team+41 (0)62 865-7219CH
Reding BénédicteHuman resources administration+41 (0)62 865-7254CH
Reusch BabetteTheme lead inputs research availability data+49 (0)69 7137699-52DE
Riar Amritbir SinghGroup lead Resilient cropping systems, farming systems development, cotton+41 (0)62 865-7288CH
Richter ToralfValue chains & Markets, capacity development+41 (0)62 865-0432CHDE
Rickenbacher BeatEDP+41 (0)62 865-7241CH
Riedi KurtGraphic design, visual communication+41 (0)62 865-7269CH
Risch LeslieTrainee as part of the organic agriculture trainee program+49 (0)69 7137699-85DE
Rochat ArmelleTrial and research in Greenhouse and open field for vegetable and aromatic- medicinal plants+41 (0)62 865-0431CH
Rohrer RolfServices+41 (0)62 865-0469CH
Röther MarionAdministration, event organization+49 (0)6322 98970-235DE
Rüegg JohannaAgroforestry, cocoa, training materials+41 (0)62 865-1745CH
Sandrock ChristophProject leader+41 (0)62 865-0419CH
Sauter MoritzCoordination DOK+41 (0)62 865-0493CH
Schader ChristianGroup lead Sustainability, policy evaluation+41 (0)62 865-0416CH
Schäfer FreyaResearch coordination, PhD seminars, project management+49 (0)69 7137699-83DE
Schärer AnnEditing FiBL Publications+41 (0)62 865-6391
Schärer Hans-JakobGroup lead Crop Protection - Phytopathology, seed pathology+41 (0)62 865-7209CH
Schärer MarcDirector of Finance & Administration, Head of finances, resources & administration, member of the board of directors+41 (0)62 865-0400CH
Schlatter BernhardConsultancy of statistics and data+41 (0)62 865-0417CH
Schlatzer MartinSustainability assessment+43 (0)699 1902 867 93AT
Schleiffer MirjamEnvironmental Systems and Policy, Evaluation of pesticide residues, Collaboration in project ROADMAP+41 (0)62 865-6360
Schlittenlacher TheresaPhD student, Ethno veterinary medicine, phytotherapy+49 (0)69 7137699-0DE
Schmid Nathanielanimal production, animal nutrition, arable crops+41 (0)62 865-1724CH
Schmid OttoRural development, standards+41 (0)62 865-7272CH
Schmidtke KnutDirector Research, Extension & Innovation, Chairman of the Executive Board of FiBL Switzerland+41 (0)62 865-0410CH
Schneider ClaudiaExtensions in ethology, horned cows in loose housing, feedstuffs+41 (0)62 865-7228CH
Schneider MonikaAgroforestry, Cocoa+41 (0)62 865-7227CH
Schreiter BirgitFinance and accounting, human resources, personnel administration+49 (0)69 7137699-78DE
Schürmann StefanExtensions in animal husbandry, processing and marketing, farm planning+41 (0)77 401-7746CH
Schürz JohannesBiokompetenzzentrum Schlägl+43 (0)732 7720-34123AT
Schweiger StefanSustainability assessment+43 (0)1 9076313-22AT
Schwitter PatriciaExperimental Vegetables+41 (0)62 865-1742CH
Sibold GinaFinance and accounting+41 (0)62 865-7233CH
Siegl SonjaSustainability assessment+43 (0)1 9076313-23AT
Snigula JasminInternet, knowledge transfer, Organic Eprints+49 (0)69 7137699-41DE
Sousa FernandoAssistance in the coordination of the project "Farmer-driven organic resource management for soil fertility"+41 (0)62 865-0480CH
Speiser BernhardInputs, residues, slugs and snails+41 (0)62 865-7243CH
Spengler Neff AnetGroup lead Animal Housing & Livestock Breeding, constitution, health and behaviour of cows and feeder cattle+41 (0)62 865-7290CH
Spory KerstinKnowledge transfer, project management, events+49 (0)69 7137699-87DE
Stadtlander TimoProject leader aquaculture+41 (0)62 865-0439CH
Stefani PatrickFruit and berry growing+41 (0)62 865-0484CH
Steffens MarkusGroup lead Soil fertility & Climate, climate and agriculture+41 (0)62 865-0418CH
Stehle BernhardSoil fertility, assistence in field work & laboratory analyses+41 (0)62 865-0464CH
Steinemann BeatriceBiodiversity, fruit growing and viticulture, climate change+41 (0)62 865-7203CH
Steiner AndreaLaboratory of parasitology+41 (0)62 865-0461CH
Steiner Franz JosefLivestock Breeding, pasture management, beef production+41 (0)79 824-4445CH
Stevenel PierrePlant nutrition, field crops, soil+41 (0)62 865-7216CH
Stocker IvankaRestaurant+41 (0)62 865-5036CH
Stöckli SibylleClimate change adaptation, agroecology+41 (0)62 865-7275CH
Stolz HannaConsumer research+41 (0)62 865-0413CH
Stolze MatthiasHead of department, member of the board of directors, agricultural policy, policy evaluation, socio-economic impact assessment+41 (0)62 865-7255CH
Straaten AndreaQuality assurance management, provenance assurance, inputs+49 (0)69 7137699-79
Strieder JensAdministration, inputs, IT coordination+49 (0)69 7137699-69DE
Strobel-Unbehaun TanjaRural areas, agricultural and regional development, value chain development+49 (0)69 7137699-27DE
Surböck AndreasCrop production, knowledge management+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Sutter PatricApprentis Winery+41 (0)62 865-7263
Symanczik SarahPlant symbiosis, molecular biology+41 (0)62 865-0433CH
Tamm LuciusDirector of Cooperation, head of department, Group lead Crop Protection - Phytopathology, list of approved substances, quality assurance for organic products, food safety, apple and grapevine diseases, epidemiology, member of the board of directors+41 (0)62 865-7238CH
Tennhardt LinaInternational cooperation, sustainability assessment, sustainable value chains+41 (0)62 865-1747CHDE
Thanner SophieEditor of technical leaflets and manuals; development and application of novel teaching and learning methods+41 (0)62 865-0239
Thompson John MichaelSustainability assessment, modelling+49 (0)69 7137699-0DE
Thüer SusannEndoparasites in ruminants+41 (0)62 865-0406CH
Thürig BarbaraPhytopathology, induced resistance+41 (0)62 865-7298CH
Trouillard MartinScientific collaborator soil & crops+33 (0)4 75254155FR
Tuchschmid AndreasManager FiBL vineyard+41 (0)62 865-5033CH
Tůmová BarboraValue Chains & Markets, Agroforestry, Cocoa, Tropical crop production+41 (0)62 865-7229CH
van den Berge PaulValue chains & markets, horticulture+41 (0)91 730-1510CH
Veller CarstenProject management, public relations+49 (0)69 7137699-86DE
Vezzani Massimoservices+41 (0)62 865-0437CH
Vieweger AnjaParticipatory research and new advisory approaches for organic vegetable growers+41 (0)62 865-0236
Vonzun SerainaPlant breeding+41 (0)62 865-0490CH
Walkenhorst MichaelGroup lead Animal Health, Medicinal Plants, Phytotherapy, Ethnoveterinary Medicine+41 (0)62 865-7286CH
Walti SandraGraphic+41 (0)62 865-7206
Waltner BenjaminGrowing of vegetables and potatoes, horticulture+43 (0)1 9076313-35AT
Weidmann GillesEditor technical leaflets and manuals+41 (0)62 865-7260CH
Weiner MareikeSustainable supply chains, Economics and farm mangagement, Life Cycle Assessment+41 (0)62 865-0485CH
Wendling Marinaarable crops, soil+41 (0)62 865-1724CH
Werne SteffenEndoparasites in ruminants+41 (0)62 865-0451CH
Widmer ManuelaFinance and accounting+41 (0)62 865-0426CH
Wilbois Klaus-PeterMentoring of PhD seminars, Soil fertility, crop production, plant protection, plant breeding, organic seeds, inputs+49 (0)9826 654-204DE
Wille LukasPlant-microbe interaction, Phytopathology, Resistance breeding+41 (0)62 865-0434CH
Willer HelgaGroup lead Dissemination & Outreach+41 (0)62 865-7207CH
Williner StefanHuman resources+41 (0)62 865-7278CH
Windhagen SimoneTraining and extension, coordination "Traineeprogramm Ökolandbau", e-learning+49 (0)821 34680-161DE
Winter EvaAnalysis and optimisation of seed value chains in the EU organic sector+41 (0)62 865-7242CH
Wirz AxelMarketing, sustainability assessment, regional development+49 (0)69 7137699-48DE
Wohlfahrt JensHermetia illucens+41 (0)62 865-0438CH
Wörner FrankControlling, Procuration FiBL Projekte GmbH+49 (0)69 7137699-72DE