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Garantir l'intégrité de la filière alimentaire européenne


Providing assurance to consumers and other stakeholders about the safety, authenticity and quality of European food (integrity) is of prime importance in adding value to the European Agri-food economy.

The integrity of European foods is under constant threat from fraudulently labelled imitations that try to exploit the added value. FOODINTEGRITY will rationalise and harmonise capability to provide a coherent structure and process for assuring the food supply.


  • facilitate the sharing of information between stakeholder groups regarding European food integrity;
  • establish processes for harmonising & exploiting existing databases;
  • establish a methodology to address stakeholder needs;
  • identify research gaps by procuring and delivering €3M of commissioned projects;
  • establish a self-sustaining Food-fraud early warning system for identifying emerging fraud risks;
  • and establish a self-sustaining worldwide network of stakeholders to ensure maximum uptake of the project legacy.
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Programme (de recherche)
  • Union Européenne: 7 Programme Cadre de Recherche
Collaborateurs du FiBL
  • El Benni Nadja (Département des sciences économiques et sociales)
  • Home Robert (Département des sciences économiques et sociales)
  • Huber Beate (Département de la coopération internationale)
  • Mäder Rolf
  • Stolz Hanna (Département des sciences économiques et sociales)
  • Stolze Matthias (Département des sciences économiques et sociales)
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