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Support to the Development of a Geographical Indications System in Ukraine

Titre originalSupport to the Development of a Geographical Indications System in Ukraine

Since Ukraine gained independence in 1991, the European Union and Ukraine have developed an increasingly dynamic relationship. Ukraine is a priority partner country within the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) and the Eastern Partnership. The Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area Agreement (DCFTA), provides the current legal framework for EU-Ukraine relations. The Agreement encourages developing a broader system of protection of Geographical Indications (GIs) in Ukraine and help Ukrainian producers to benefit from the GIs system. GIs are seen in a close connection to rural development, bringing tourism to the regions and generating marketing strategies to enter new markets.

Description détaillée du projet

The project "Support to the development of a Geographical Indications system in Ukraine" supports the implementation of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine concerning Geographical Indications (GIs) in view of ensuring their protection and creating opportunities for Ukrainian producers of wine, spirit drinks, agricultural products and foodstuffs, to register their products as GIs.

The project has four main components:

  • Development of consistency between the Ukrainian legislation and the EU acquis concerning GIs
  • Support to marketing and rebranding processes of sensitive products
  • Assistance to Ukrainian producers to establish and register GIs, as well as strengthening of responsible institutional control and inspection bodies
  • Development of rural development and tourism activities related to GIs

Gefördert durch:

  • Europäische Union


  • Ministerium für wirtschaftliche Entwicklung und Handel der Ukraine
  • Ministerium für Agrarpolitik und Ernährung der Ukraine
Programme (de recherche)
  • EU
  • Sonstige Programme
Partenaire de projet
  • DMI Associates
  • GFA Consulting Group
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Experte für Milchprodukte, Kollektivmarken und geografische Angaben

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Numéro du projet FiBL 65163
Date de modification 26.05.2020