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Cropping techniques

Cropping techniques

Projects on the theme

Status FiBL Title Start End
ongoing CH Boosting Innovation in Organic FRUIT produc-tion through strong knowledge NETworks (BIOFRUITNET) 01.11.2019 31.10.2022
ongoing AT Erosion protection and resource conservation in organic maize cultivation 01.05.2019 30.04.2022
ongoing CH Relay intercropping – Further developing a resource-conserving cultivation system for soya in mixed culture in practice 30.04.2019 31.12.2021
ongoing CH Neue Wege im Pflanzenschutz im Bio-Obstbau: Entwicklung und Evaluation von IT-gestützten Pflanzenschutzverfahren im FiBL-Freiluft-Labor 01.01.2019 31.12.2021
ongoing CH Influence of different fertilizers on yield and quality of organic potatoes 01.01.2019 31.12.2022
ongoing CH Unterstützung des Bio-Zuckerrübenanbaus in der Schweiz 01.01.2019 31.12.2021
ongoing AT Boosting 4 BEST practices for SOIL health in Europe (BEST4SOIL) 01.11.2018 30.11.2021
ongoing CH Legumes Translated (Translating knowledge for legume-based farming for feed and food systems) (Legumes Translated) 01.11.2018 31.12.2020
completed AT Ressourcenverbrauch und Umweltwirkungen von Bewässerungstechniken 01.08.2018 26.10.2018
ongoing CH Breeding for Resilient, Efficient and Sustainable Organic Vegetable production (BRESOV) 01.05.2018 30.04.2022
ongoing CH Organic and bio-dynamic vegetable production in low-energy GREENhouses – sustainable, RESILIENT and innovative food production systems (Greenresilient) 02.04.2018 31.03.2021
completed DE Organisation und Durchführung der Öko-Feldtage 2019 01.03.2018 31.08.2019
ongoing CH Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake through Demonstration (NEFERTITI) 01.01.2018 31.12.2021
completed CH Day of organic arable farming 2019 01.01.2018 31.12.2019
ongoing CH Use of robots for efficient weed control 01.01.2018 31.12.2021
ongoing CH ReMIX - Redesigning European cropping systems based on species MIXtures (ReMIX) 01.05.2017 30.04.2021
ongoing CH Diversification through Rotation, Intercropping, Multiple Cropping, Promoted by Actors and Value Chains towards Sustainability (DiverIMPACTS) 01.05.2017 30.04.2022
completed CH Guidance values for soil organic matter in arable soils. Opportunities for implementation. 01.04.2017 31.08.2018
completed CH Alternatives to ploughing in organic agriculture 01.01.2017 31.12.2019
ongoing CH Introduction of "Precision farming" into Swiss organic farming 01.01.2017 31.12.2020
completed CH Peer-to-peer Learning: Accessing Innovation through Demonstration (PLAID) 01.01.2017 30.06.2019
ongoing CH Variety trials maize 01.01.2017 31.12.2020
completed DE Öko-Feldtage 2017 01.07.2016 30.09.2017
ongoing CH PGREL project "Use of gene resources in apples for organic farming" (Nutzung von Apfel-Genressourcen für den Bio-Anbau) 01.01.2016 29.02.2020
completed CH Mixed crops Fribourg 01.02.2015 31.12.2017

Total datasets : 37