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Genetic Enhancement & Bioavailability - Finger Millet

Title OriginalGenetic Enhancement & Bioavailability - Finger Millet

The project aims to enhance yield potential and bioavailability of essential nutrients in finger millet leading to a substantial improvement in the socio-economic status of the small farmers as well as the general health and well being of the society in India.   
A phenotypically well characterised “panel” of Ragi germplasm accessions is developed which is extensively phenotyped for component traits related to yield potential, drought tolerance, nutrient content and anti-nutritional factors. The impact of bioavailability will be examined in young children and young women of reproductive age, the two most vulnerable iron deficient categories of subjects in India. 
A Socioeconomic assessment will be carried out to document the present status of Ragi farmers and his willingness to adopt the new technological interventions.  Further assessment will lead to ascertain the impact of the adoption on the socio-economic aspects of the Ragi producers, who are, by and large, resource poor marginal farmers.

(Research) Program
  • Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
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FiBL project staff
FiBL project number 1000705
Date modified 12.11.2019
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