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Suisse Romande

FiBL Team Suisse Romande
(Antenne romande du FiBL)

Avenue des Jordils 3, CP 1080
CH-1001 Lausanne

Tél. +41 (0)21 619 44 77

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FiBL Team Suisse Romande

The FiBL team Suisse Romande works on a variety of projects on vegetable production and organic cultivation systems. It contributes to the development of organic agriculture in the Suisse romande (the French-speaking part of Switzerland) and collaborates with local actor of Bio Suisse, Agridea and Agroscope. The team also expands the research areas of the experts in Frick to solve problems that are specific to the Suisse romande. Its work complements the activities of the Cantons.

The research projects of the FiBL Team Suisse Romande are carried out on-farm and on trial areas of partner institutes.

Main areas

  • Crop production: food and fodder soybeans, lupins, cereals, etc.
  • Cultivation systems: Conservation tillage, biodiversity of the soil, soil and food production, soil improvement cropping systems, permaculture, diverse orchards.

In collaboration with the expertise of FiBL in Frick: Viticulture, compost, biodiversity, animal production and socioeconomic topics.

Contact FiBL Team Suisse Romande

Bougouin Hélène M.Sc. agr. Innovative production systems, economics
Charles Raphaël Dr. Dipl.-Ing. agr. ETHZ Head of the FiBL Team Suisse Romande, arable crops, soil
Dos Santos Alice M.Sc. Junior Scientist, Innovative food systems, Rural sociology
Lebleu Flore M.Sc. agr. / Ing. agr. Fruit growing, berries and special fruit horticulture
Schmid Nathaniel Agr. Ingenieur HTL animal production, animal nutrition, arable crops
Wendling Marina arable crops, soil

Contacts of the FiBL Team Suisse Romande at FiBL Frick