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FiBL project

Title Processing the latest research findings on organic farming
FiBL project number 60076

The achievements of organic farming benefitting humans, animals and the environment are accounted for in numerous national and international research projects. Communicating these findings to a wider public is, however, a challenging, continuous task. In 2007, FiBL collected 90 reasons in favour of organic farming in a 16-page information leaflet. Every reason is set out concisely and comprehensibly, and linked with the most relevant research findings. In a further step, the reasons were summarized in a flyer. The flyer was distributed via organic grocery stores, schools and other interested circles. After over six years, a comprehensive update of these successful publications is due.

Project status completed
Start of project 01.01.2014
End of project 31.12.2014
Financing/ Donor
  • Fondation Sur-La-Croix
FiBL project leader/ contact
  • Schmutz Res (Department of Extension, Training and Communication)
FiBL project staff
  • Alföldi Thomas (Department of Extension, Training and Communication)
  • Krebs Adrian
  • Rebholz Theresa (Department of Extension, Training and Communication)
Role of FiBL


Research area
Date modified 04.06.2019
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