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FiBL project

Title Integrated pest control of Colletotrichum coccodes and Helmin-thosporium solani in swiss potato production
Title Original Integrierte Bekämpfung von Colletotrichum coccodes und Helminthosporium solani in der Kartoffelwirtschaft
Official project number 18536.1 PFLS-LS
FiBL project number 55241

The fungal diseases silver scab and the wilt disease of the potato cause quality-reducing symptoms on the potato tubers and lead to increased evaporation in the warehouse, which reduces the marketable product volume. The damage to the Swiss potato industry is estimated at CHF 10 million per year. The goal of the project is a reduction of 30 %. Aims: Identify phases of greatest control success, identify the host spectrum of C.coccodes (crop rotation planning), determine resistance properties of potato varieties, test control measures (biological/synthetic active substances, biofumigation), and develop an overall control concept.

Project status ongoing
Start of project 01.01.2016
End of project 31.12.2019
Financing/ Donor
  • Swiss Federation
  • Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI
Project partners
  • Bern University of Applied Sciences School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL
  • Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil
  • Schweizerische Branchenorganisation der Kartoffelwirtschaft
  • Fresh pallet Biofresh
  • Omya
  • Terralog AG
  • Andermatt Biocontrol AG
  • Steril Air
  • Bio Suisse
FiBL project leader/ contact
FiBL project staff
Role of FiBL

Work package coexaminator

Research area
Date modified 29.05.2019
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