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FiBL project

Title Consolidation of the Local Organic Certification Bodies
Title Original Consolidation of the Local Organic Certification Bodies (ConsCert)
Official project number PSP No.: UR-00827.10.01-05, Fabasoft: 2014-01-28/735
FiBL project number 6509701

The overall objective of this project is to reduce poverty of small and medium-sized farmers in Eastern Europe  by promoting trade with certified organic producers and facilitating access to the European and Swiss markets.
The first project objective is to ensure that the partner certification bodies offer efficient demand-oriented certification services based on a strengthened business development. This will be achieved by providing trainings on different quality management schemes, by supporting business partnerships and strengthening the business management skills of the partners.

The second project objective is the support for a policy framework conducive to the development of the organic sector in the target countries especially with regards to alignment to the European legislation and fraud prevention. The project further makes web-based information on organic regulations and certification schemes available.

Detailed Description

Intended project results:

  • PR 1.1. Business Strategy Development: the certification bodies have the managerial, formal and economic capacities to implement a demand-oriented business strategy.  
  • PR 1.2. Capacity Building/Portfolio: the certification bodies have the technical capacities to offer efficient and effective inspection and certification services in relevant areas demanded in their country/region.
  • PR 1.3. Training Platform: An electronic platform to share knowledge is established relating to standards and regulations, training materials, and tests.
  • PR 1.4. Marketing and PR: the certification bodies are considered by their target groups (potential clients, traders, relevant authorities) on a national and international level as trustworthy, reliable and efficient service providers.
  • PR 1.5. Transparency: Certification status of certified operators is published on an international database.
  • PR 1.6. Business networking: the certification bodies are engaged in regional and/or international networks related to organic certification, and are part of adequate partnerships that foster their competitiveness.
  • PR 2.1 Policy Development: Technical expertise is available and used for the development and implementation of organic agricultural policies, laws and regulations at a national level.
  • PR 2.2 Export Information Service: A special website provides information on legal requirements and certification schemes of key countries, in English.
Project status completed
Start of project 01.10.2014
End of project 31.12.2018
(Research) Programme
  • State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO - Economic Cooperation and Development
Project partners
  • Albinspekt, Albania
  • Balkan Biocert Macedonia
  • Indocert, India
  • Organic Standard, Ukraine
Project Advisory Board
  • Dr. Jochen Neuendorff
  • Marlene Heeb
  • Ronald van Marlen
FiBL project leader/ contact
  • Huber Beate (Department of International Cooperation, Deputy directors)
FiBL project staff
Role of FiBL

Implementing Agency

Research area
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