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Inputs and Additives

Since 2006, FiBL has been publishing an annual update of the "Input List for Organic Production in Germany". The standardized assessment system creates transparency and offers farmers, inspection bodies and manufacturers assistance in the assessment, selection and development of inputs. The publication serves the associations of organic agriculture as a basis for the development of their own specific lists:

Since 2009, FiBL has also published the FiBL List of Organic Processing: a list of additives and processing aids, ingredients with a technological function and cleaning agents and disinfectants suitable for the production of organic food:

The website was launched in 2015. The focus of the "Organic Gardening" information service is on fertilisation and plant care. Hobby gardeners can use a search function to determine products that are suitable for organic gardening. These include soil conditioners, fertilisers, growing media, plant protection products and plant strengthening agents. Information and tips about gardening according to the principles of organic horticulture complete the new offer.

The team from FiBL Germany works closely with colleagues from Switzerland, Brussels and Austria (InfoXgen). The aim of the cooperation is to standardise the assessment criteria and procedures for inputs for organic production and for additives and auxiliary materials for the organic food industry:

FiBL Germany operates the seed database organicXseeds ( on behalf of the federal state authorities. It is an up-to-date platform for all those who offer or look for organic seeds and seedlings. An organic animal database will be developed by 2021 as part of a BÖLN project.