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International conference: Sourcing Organic from Ukraine 2016

Three Ukrainian Combines (Brand: Claas) drive on an embankment along an acre.

Combines on the way to harvest in Ukraine 2016 (Photo: Toralf Richter, FiBL).

Some ears of wheat on the field in close-up, in the background out of focus a wheat field.

Organic wheat from the Ukraine is in great demand in Europe (Photo: Gregory Melnik).

Importers of organic products from the Ukraine are facing many challenges. The upcoming international conference, which takes place October 25 and 26, 2016, in Frankfurt, Germany, presents current market figures and trends as well as successful and reliable market partnerships.

(Frick, 26 August 2016) As the market demand for organic products in Western Europe develops faster than the supply, Ukrainian organic producers and traders have become some of the most important suppliers to fill the gap with organic commodities. They attract the market with large quantities at competitive prices. Currently, importers sourcing from Ukraine are facing several challenges:

  • How to get sufficient transparency regarding excellent and reliable organic producers and traders from Ukraine,
  • How to improve the transparency and traceability of product flows,
  • How to deal with the new organic import guidelines from the EU.

The conference will offer a maximum of current information on these key issues from different perspectives, present market data and trends, will share best practise cases concerning the reliable trade with organic commodities from Ukraine and, last but not least, will provide the perfect environment for fruitful business-to-business networking.

Further information


Registration (up to October 17, 2016) anmelderservice.fibl.org: Sourcing Organic from Ukraine
Language: English
Date: October 25 und 26, 2016
Venue: Ökohaus Arche, Kasseler Strasse 1. Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Targeted participants

  • Importers/processors from the EU
  • European certification bodies
  • Organic supply chain actors from Ukraine
  • Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine
  • EU Commission and authorities from main importing countries (DE, UK, NL, FR, IT),
  • Organic farm association
  • Other organic stakeholders
  • Market and trend researchers


  • Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Switzerland & FiBL Projekte GmbH
  • AFC Consultants International (Agriculture & Food Consultants International)


AFC Consultants International contact

Stefanie Maak, AFC Consultants International GmbH, Dottendorfer Str. 82, D-53129 Bonn, Tel. +49 (0) 228 98 57 9 59, E-Mail: stefanie.maak(at)afci.de 

This conference is supported by

  • The  Swiss Confederation
  • The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture


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