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Logo of the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources

Growing Genetic Resources in Organic Agriculture - FiBL and partners present findings at FAO

In October 2009, the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture met in Rome, at the…

TP Organics: Online Consultation on Strategic Research Agenda

The Technology Platform TP Organics has reached major achievements in the first half year 2009 on…

European project LowInputBreeds begins: Improving animal health and product quality in European organic and ‘low input’ livestock production systems

A large-scale project which aims to improve animal health and product quality in European organic…

Logo FAO Organic Farming

ORCA: Database with information on organic research institutions now online

The proposed Organic Research Centres Alliance ORCA intends to internationally network and…

Logo ABIM Lucerne

Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting in October in Lucerne, Switzerland

The fourth  Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM-Lucerne 2009) will take place together with…

Logo of the 1st International IFOAM Conference Organic Animal and Plant Breeding

Seed Diversity in organic agriculture: FiBL feedback on Draft IFOAM Position

From August 25 to 28, 2009, the IFOAM Conference on Organic Animal and Plant Breeding is taking…

logo updated

The website has recently been updated. The site informs about organic…

Open day at FiBL: A big success

An estimated 3'800 visitors made their way to the open day of FiBL and the Swiss inspection body…

Organic farming worldwide: New Worldwatch Report

The Worldwatch Institute has prepared an extensive overview article about organic farming…

Logo Bioacademy

Bioacademy 2009: Answers to the challenges of the global crisis

The 9th European Summer Academy on Organic Farming - Biocademy 2009 - was held on June 24 to 25,…

Open day logo

August 16, 2009: Open day at FiBL

FiBL was founded a full 35 years ago, and bio.inspecta now looks back on 10 successful years. Reason…

World Congress on Organic Cotton – From Fashion to Sustainability

On the occasion of the UN Year of Natural Fibers 2009 the International Congress on Organic Cotton…

European Union: Competition to create a new EU organic logo

The European Union is looking for a new logo for organic products. Young artists or designers can…


Key results from the QLIF project now available

The Integrated Project 'Improving quality and safety and reduction of costs in the European organic…

The World of Organic Agriculture 2009

2009 edition of 'The World of Organic Agriculture' now published

The 10th edition of 'The World of Organic Agriculture' documents recent developments in global…

Ecropolis: sensory properties of organic food

In January 2009, the European research project Ecropolis was approved.

Logo TPorganics

Technology Research Platform ‘Organics’ launched

The European Union's and global agriculture face major challenges like climate change, loss of…

Second Round Table of the Eastern European countries ‘Organic Agriculture and Legal Framework’

The Second Round Table of the Eastern European countries ‘Organic Agriculture and Legal Framework’…

European Action Plans on Organic Food and Farming

The partners of the European project ORGAP (Development of criteria and procedures for the…

Activity report 2008

Sustainable land use, biodiversity, environmental protecion, food quality and animal welfare - these…

Logo Organic ActionPlan
Media release

Guidelines for successful organic action plan development and evaluation welcomed in Brussels

The European Commission and EU member states welcome the new manual and toolbox for the development,…

Logo organicXseeds
Media release

OrganicXseeds now the official database in Bulgaria

Green light for registration of organic seed and propagating material in Bulgaria

Media release

Global Organic Farming: Continued Growth

IFOAM, FiBL and SÖL present new facts and figures about the organic sector at BioFach 2008

Security in the Organic Certification; Workshop Documents now available

The summary of the discussion among 60 experts at the first European workshop on the prevention of…

Media release

New alternative to antibiotics for fireblight control

At the ABIM-Lucerne Conference, the prime international meeting of the biocontrol industry, a…

Media release

More Security in the Organic Certification

How can a pro-active risk management recognise and prevent fraud attempts? How are traders, label…

Logo QualityLowInputFood
Media release

Working together to optimise organic agriculture

European conference presents latest research results

Media release

Organic farming saves resources and the climate – Promoting organic farming means mitigating climate change!

Organic is good for the climate: At BioFach 2007 in Nuremberg, the world’s largest trade fair for…

Media release

Food quality: Clear benefits of organic products

Eating organic is not sufficient in itself to make us healthier. But organic products are an…

Media release

Europe’s oldest long-term trial in organic ar-able farming set to continue

Long-term farming trials are under great financial pressure. Hence the focus of research is…

Media release

The World of Organic Agriculture: More Than 31 Million Hectares Worldwide

IFOAM, FiBL and SOEL present new facts and figures about organic farming at BioFach 2006

Media release

New technical guides for organic farming in English

The Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (OACC) and the Swiss Research Institute of Organic…

Media release

New extension tools for organic cotton production

The Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Switzerland, has developed a set of new guide…

Media release

Certification company of the organic movement in the Balkans now accredited

Bulgarian organic certification agency BALKAN BIOCERT Ltd. is now accredited (EN 45011/ISO 65) and…

Media release

More than 26 Million certified organic hectares worldwide

IFOAM, FiBL and SÖL present new facts and figures about organic farming at the BioFach fair

Media release

Organic Agriculture in Europe: Continued Growth

FiBL presents current facts & trends at Biofach 2005

Media release

Statistical Data on Organic Farming in Europe

Official interest in organic farming data collection in all coun-tries on the rise, but…

Logo organicXseeds
Media release

Organic seed database presented at Biofach trade fair

organicXseeds, the Internet-based database operated by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture…

Media release

IFOAM, SÖL and FiBL present new facts and figures about organic farming at the BioFach fair

The Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, the Foundation Ecology & Farming (SÖL),…

Media release

Organic farming policies in Europe: What will the future hold?

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and University of Wales jointly coordinate European…

Logo organicXseeds
Media release

organicXseeds: FiBL database for organic seeds to be used across Europe from 2004

From January 2004 the organicXseeds internet database set up by FiBL, the Swiss Research Institute…

Logo EISfom
Media release

Better information on the organic market FiBL involved in European Union project to improve access to data throughout Europe’s organic farming sector

The European market for organically grown products is increasing all the time. However there is a…

Media release

For Innovations in Organic Agriculture: Researchers organise world-wide

International Society of Organic Agriculture Research founded.

Media release

Publication of a manual for organic agriculture training in the Tropics

Organic farming helps to conserve natural resources and to secure an adequate food supply for people…

Media release

Science publishes its first European paper on organic agriculture

Organic agriculture is finally making its presence felt in the worldwide scientific community. For…

Media release

Global Organic Agriculture: Continued Growth

FiBL and IFOAM present new facts and figures about organic agriculture worldwide at the BioFach…