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Open House at FiBL Frick

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Open House at FiBL Frick
Sunday, June 26, 2016


IMPROVE-P - Factsheets (free download version)

Cover Factsheet: Assessment of Alternative Phosphorus Fertilizers for Organic Farming: Compost and Digestates from Urban Organic Wastes

Assessment of Alternative Phosphorus Fertilizers for Organic Farming:

New printed farm handbook for organic pig producers

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The FiBL newsletter features articles on the lastest research conducted by scientists at FiBL along with the most recent information on FiBL’s training and advisory services and publication activities.

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Snacks – unwiderstehlich, nachhaltig, für jede Gelegenheit

36396 Steinau an der Straße, Deutschland

Food Lab Agenda - Wer wird die Schweiz ernähren?

Spittelsaal, Bahnhofplatz 2 in Bern, Schweiz

Vegan und roh – neue Ideen für die Konditorei

14199 Berlin, Deutschland

Science Day at BIOFACH China 2016

Shanghai, China

Projekt Generationswechsel - den Wandel nachhaltig gestalten

36037 Fulda, Deutschland

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