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Strengthening organic agriculture in Austria until 2030. Study on success factors and options for action

Title OriginalStärkung des Biolandbaus in Österreich bis 2030: Studie zu Erfolgsfaktoren und Handlungsoptionen

The aim of this study is to define and identify key success factors for the further development of organic farming in Austria until 2030. Based on this, recommendations for action for a new phase of a balanced further development in Austria are to be developed. The proposals for individual measures developed in the course of the study are to relate to various fields of action, such as ensuring optimum implementation of the present legal framework for organic farming, deepening the knowledge of producers and consumers about organic farming through education, advice and public relations work, exploiting the demand potential, improving the performance of organic farming through research and improving the economic conditions and framework for producers and, above all, the processing sector.

Financing/ Donor
  • Bundesministerium für Landwirtschaft, Regionen und Tourismus
FiBL project leader/ contact
  • Kranzler Andreas (Executive Committee, Crop production and vegetable growing)
  • Niggli Urs
FiBL project staff
Role of FiBL

Project management, Project coordination, Project implementation

Research area
  • Sustainability assessment (Austria)
  • Sustainable Food Systems (Austria)
Date modified 11.08.2020