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Austrian laying hen husbandry as a model for a change in animal welfare using the example of fattening poultry husbandry

Title OriginalÖsterreichs Legehennenhaltung als Modell für eine Tierwohlwende am Beispiel der Mastgeflügelhaltung

The proactive attitude of the laying hen industry, together with the marketing structures, has written a success story. Austria can proudly say that it has been the only EU member state to be free of laying cages since January 1, 2020 and thus to have the most animal-friendly laying hen husbandry across the EU. The number of holdings and laying hens, the structure of the holdings, the egg prices and the level of self-sufficiency have developed positively with the industry decision on the early end of cages in Austria.

simple modeling of an animal welfare turnaround for the broiler chickens shows that more space per broiler chicken may have to be combined with a slower growing genetics with additional production costs of 7-46%. Based on the experience in laying hens, the implementation of animal welfare in fattening poultry can be recommended.

Financing/ Donor
  • Vier Pfoten - Stiftung für Tierschutz Österreich
Project Advisory Board
  • Heli Dungler, Gerald Dick, Eva Rosenberg (all Vier Pfoten)
  • Reinhard Geßl (FiBL Austria)
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  • Animal husbandry (Austria)
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