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Knowledge transfer to ICS certified producer groups in selected African countries within the framework of GIZ SI training and employment

Title OriginalWissenstransfer in ICS-zertifizierte Produzentengruppen in ausgewählten afrikanischen Ländern im Rahmen der GIZ SI Ausbildung und Beschäftigung

The aim of the project within the GIZ Special Initiative Jobs is to improve the know-how of organic farms, which are export oriented and certified as a group according to ICS regulations.
Countries that are considered in the GIZ Special Initiative Jobs are Tunisia, Morocco (country group 1); Senegal, Ivory Coast (country group 2); Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana (country group 3).
The project will also improve the bio-specific know-how of local service providers, such as organic consultants and trainers.
The project is divided into the following project modules:

  • Identification of key staff of ICS groups, their market partners and local stakeholders in the eligible countries.
  • Need assessment among the ICS groups 
  • 3 regional workshops in the country groups listed above to exchange experiences, best practices and participatory strategy development, how to design effective knowledge building in ICS groups and on which topics training is primarily needed.
  • Creation of specific training material
  • Testing of the training material within the framework of various training measures (level: train the trainer and key producers of the individual groups)
  • Evaluation of the project measures

The measures are implemented in close consultation with GIZ, the local NOAMs (National Organic Agricultural Movement) and the traders and processors who import goods from the individual groups.

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  • GIZ, Sonderiniative Ausbildung und Beschäftigung
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