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Fertilizer Test Polysulphate

Title OriginalDüngertest Polysulphate

Polysulphate is a new fertilizer on the market containing several macro- and micronutrients. It is derived from deposits and left in its natural state; therefore, it could be beneficial for organic farming.

Some vegetables have a high need for potassium and calcium. A lack of these elements causes serious damages and leads to produce which is no longer marketable. A continuous flow of nutrients could overcome this deficit. Until now, organic growers could spray CaCl2 against calcium deficiency if they had a special authorisation. However, this practice is not in line with organic principles, where nutrients should be delivered to the plants by the soil.

The potato crop has a very high demand for nutrients, especially for potassium, which is needed for good tuber quality. A good potassium supply promotes better stress resistance, starch accumulation, storability and prevents black spot bruising and mechanical damages. Polysulphate could possibly be very suited for potato crops, as it provides a lot of potassium, also magnesium, sulphur, but does not contain any chloride.

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Date modified 23.07.2020
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