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Carbon footprint and lifetime daily yield of Swiss dairy cows

Title OriginalKlimabilanz Nutzungsdauer / Lebensleistung / Zweinutzungsrassen Milchvieh

A data set from Swiss breeding associations containing the performance data of approximately 50% of the Swiss dairy cow population was used to analyse composition and structure of the Swiss organic and conventional dairy herd. Furthermore, the lifetime daily yield and the carbon footprint of milk and meat was calculated for each herd. The correlation analysis between lifetime daily yield and carbon footprint revealed that the lifetime daily yield is a good indicator for climate-friendly milk production. As the number of lactations has a strong influence on the lifetime daily yield of a cow, the carbon footprint in organic milk production could be considerably improved by healthy and long-living cows.

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  • Bio Suisse
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  • Meier Matthias
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FiBL project number 35143
Date modified 12.11.2019
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