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Organic barometer Switzerland


The Biobarometer Switzerland is a representative survey on attitudes, consumption and knowledge about organic products that has been carried out every two years since 2016. The aim of the study is to examine current and future consumption trends and to make their changes visible over time.

Detailed Description

Regular collection of data on

  • Spontaneous associations with regard to organic food
  • Organic food buying frequency at present and in the future
  • Present organic consumption frequency per week/month among product groups –> organic food consumption index
  • Organic food buying channels
  • Buying motives and barriers
  • Attitudes towards food consumption and sustainability
  • Knowledge of organic food and labels (do consumers recognise organic/non-organic labels?)
  • Socio-demographic characteristics
  • Psychographic factors
  • Cutting edge topics (e.g. meat consumption, sustainablilty labelling)
Financing/ Donor
  • FiBL Pool
FiBL project leader/ contact
FiBL project staff
Role of FiBL

Project leading

Further information
Research area
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