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FiBL project

Title Impact of Research on EU Agriculture
Official Acronym IMPRESA
Official project number 609448
FiBL project number 35104

The project will:

  • Describe the contemporary evolution of traditional public and private agricultural research, particularly as its boundaries with food processing, biotechnology and bioeconomy activities (for example, renewable energy) are becoming increasingly blurred, and its objectives are broadening, using on-going structured interaction with an expert stakeholder panel.
  • Survey the trends, sources and objectives of agricultural research in EU and EEA countries and Switzerland, providing a scoping survey which provides a preliminary view of the range and integration of activities, and to design a framework, compatible with the OECD Frascati manual, to assess the volume and effectiveness of research.
  • Carry out econometric analysis and input-output modelling on the effect of research on agricultural productivity, including lag modelling, as the call specifically requires this, but with a view to acknowledging the importance of additional objectives for research; limited to a small number of country studies, to include small, medium and large countries which also reflect geographic diversity.
  • In a number of regional case studies, selected for agro-ecological (and possibly also socio-economic) diversity, investigate the overall causal framework of case-specific individual research-based innovations, using active searching for disconfirming evidence as a validation criterion.
  • Innovatively and effectively communicate the results of the major workpackages to national governments and other stakeholders, through a variety of dissemination channels (webinars, policy briefs, as well as traditional reports and conference presentations).
Project website

www.impresa-project.eu/home.html _blank

Project status completed
Start of project 01.11.2013
End of project 31.12.2016
(Research) Programme
  • European Union: 7th Research Framework Programme
Project partners
  • Aberystwyth University, UK
  • Euroquality SARL, France
  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO
  • Institut für ländliche Strukturforschung an der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Germany
  • Alma Mater Studorium-Universita di Bologna, Italy
  • Universita di Pisa, Italy
  • JRC -Joint Research Centre- EUROPEAN COMMISSION
  • Sofiiski Universitet Sveti Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria
FiBL project leader/ contact
  • Barjolle Dominique
FiBL project staff
Role of FiBL

WP Manager WP3

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