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FiBL project

Title "Bioaktuell" - prime magazine serving the organic movement
FiBL project number 60002

The "Bioaktuell" magazine is the prime magazine serving the organic movement in Switzerland, providing organic farmers and licence holders with information focussing on FiBL research, activities of the Bio Suisse association, and news items relating to the organic world in general.

The "Bioaktuell" magazine reaches all Bud farms (Bud = the label of Bio Suisse) as well as the Bud-licensed processors and traders. Approximately 1000 additional readers hold a "Bioaktuell" magazine subscription.

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Detailed Description

Monatszeitschrift, 10 Ausgaben jährlich, Umfang durchschnittlich 32 Seiten, Auflage rund 9000 Exemplare (7394 in Deutsch, 1267 in Französisch, 408 in Italienisch, beglaubigt 2019)

Redaktion: Claudia Frick (Bio Suisse, Chefredaktorin), Franziska Hämmerli (FiBL, stellv. Chefredaktorin), Christian Hirschi (FiBL), Theresa Rebholz (FiBL), René Schulte (Bio Suisse), Petra Schwinghammer (Bio Suisse, Redaktion und Verlag)

Gestaltung: Simone Bissig (FiBL)

Inserate: Erika Bayer (FiBL)

Project status ongoing
Start of project 01.01.1990
Financing/ Donor
  • Biobauern
  • Inserenten
Project partners
  • Bio Suisse
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