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FiBL project

Title Advancing the cultivation technique for organic soya (commissioned by the organic organisation Progana)
FiBL project number 55174

This project achieved advancement in the cultivation technique of organic soya in three aspects:

  1. Cultivating organic soya after green manure; direct-sowing or sowing after reduced tillage;
  2. Use of a roll cultivator in soya cultivation;
  3. Suitable mixing partners for soya to achieve an efficient weed suppression.

Especially under aspect 3, interesting results have been achieved. In 2012, the soya-winter oats mixture was successful: The winter oats remained in vegetative state, suppressed weed fully, but also curbed the development of the soya. Nevertheless, the soya harvest of this mixed cultivation was as high as the harvest of pure soya cultivation (more weeds). 2012 was a humid year. It is assumed that soya will suffer from water competition with oats in a dry year. The experiments will be continued starting 2013 within the frameworks of another project.

Start of project 01.01.2011
End of project 31.12.2012
Financing/ Donor

Bio Suisse

Project partners

UFA Samen

FiBL project leader/ contact
  • Clerc Maurice (Team Suisse Romande Research & Advice)
Research area
Date modified 12.06.2019
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