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FiBL project

Title Bio mit Gesicht - Erfolgschancen einer kundennahen und innovativen Marketingstrategie
Official Acronym BmG
Official project number FKZ 06OE172
FiBL project number 35015
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Detailed Description

The aim of this project is to analyse whether consumer trust in organic products could be built up via strategies communicating traceability. The research will be based on the marketing concept „Giving Organic a Face“ (Bio mit Gesicht) which allows consumer to trace the product by entering an Identification Code on the respective website.
Research consists of a quantitative and qualitative analysis. The quantitative consumer survey will be conducted in the supermarket chains Tegut and Feneberg. The survey addresses consumer behaviour with respect to purchasing organic products, consumer trust in organic food and how consumer trust in organic food could be increased. A particular focus is led on the question whether the marketing concept „Giving Organic a Face“ could contribute to enhance trust in organic food. Based on the quantitative analysis, a qualitative analysis of the trusting decision with respect to organic products will be conducted. This will be done applying the structure-formation-technique.
The project will show if trust is rather product or supply chain related and will identify the determining elements for consumer trust intention and trust decision in organic products. Synthesising the quantitative and qualitative results will contribute to the question whether the buying factor trust could be built-up through communication strategies.

Project status completed
Start of project 01.06.2008
End of project 31.10.2011
Financing/ Donor

Bundesprogramm für Ökologischen Landbau (DE)

Project partners

Universität Giessen, Prof. H. Boland
Bio mit Gesicht GmbH

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FiBL project staff
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