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FiBL project

Title Contamination of organic cereals with phosphine
Title Original Kontamination von Biogetreide mit Phosphin
Official Acronym PH3 in Phosphin
FiBL project number 35158

The aim of this project is to show the current situation of the sources and causes of contamination of phosphine in organic cereals in Switzerland.

Along the supply chain, it should be determined where phosphine contamination in organic cereals could come from and whether it could be avoided. With the help of the current state, measures to reduce phosphine residues are to be developed and at the same time, the limits of contamination prevention are to be pointed out. If it turns out that phosphine residues at a certain level are technically unavoidable, the results of the study should serve as a basis for the discussion of the intervention level.

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Project status completed
Start of project 01.11.2017
End of project 01.11.2018
Financing/ Donor
  • Coop Naturaplanfonds
  • Getreidebranche
(Research) Programme
  • Partnership Coop and FiBL
Project partners

Industrie und Bio Suisse

FiBL project leader/ contact
FiBL project staff
  • Bögli Sarah (Department of Socio-Economic Sciences)
  • Speiser Bernhard (Department of Crop Sciences)
Role of FiBL

Project study

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