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FiBL project

Title Efficient Forage Based Ruminant Systems
Title Original Efficient Forage Based Ruminant Systems
Official Acronym EFBS
Official project number Innovate UK: 101097
FiBL project number 35124

The concept of the project is to develop least-cost, low carbon economy blueprints for ruminant grassland systems that utilise home-grown forages - by maximising the capture of solar energy via forages into animal protein. Industry-led, the project is innovative in its active participatory approach. Starting at the grass roots with the primary producers, working alongside processors and a retailer to meet supply chain requirements, the project aims to address and successfully overcome the constraints and practical challenges to optimising the UK domestic vegetable protein production capability from forages. Innovative strategies will be validated scientifically within controlled experiments and evaluated on commercial farms for productive, economic and environmental efficiency.

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Project status completed
Start of project 01.01.2012
End of project 31.12.2016
Financing/ Donor
  • Innovate UK
(Research) Programme
  • Further programmes
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