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Department Suisse Romande

Since 1 January 2016, the Department Suisse Romande has been increased considerably. The aim of the Department is to support the encouraging development of organic farming in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The aim is not only to close a gap in the fields of on-farm research, advice and communication, but also to consider region-specific links and problems. The Department Suisse Romande also maintains good relations with French-speaking countries and supports FiBL employees in France in particular. FiBL's strategic focus lies primarily on developing and implementing projects for which there are clear needs in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. This is achieved in close cooperation with local actors.

In the current research and development projects, researchers are working on the following topics:

  • Crop production: soya as food and animal feedstuff, lupines, cereals, etc.
  • Cultivation systems: conservation tillage, soil biodiversity, soil and food production, cultivation systems that improve soil quality, permaculture, diverse fruit orchards.

In order to meet all requirements and have the necessary expertise, the Department Suisse Romande works closely with researchers from FiBL in Frick. This applies to viticulture, but also to animal husbandry and socio-economic issues in particular.

The magazine "Bioactualités" and the platform www.bioactualites.ch are the two main communication channels of the Department Suisse Romande for the various actors in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Contact Department Suisse Romande

Bougouin HélèneInnovative production systems, economics+41 (0)62 865-1732
Charles RaphaëlHead of the Department Suisse Romande, arable crops, soil+41 (0)62 865-1725
Lebleu FloreFruit growing, berries and special fruit horticulture+41 (0)62 865-1726
Schmid Nathanielanimal production, animal nutrition, arable crops+41 (0)62 865-1724
Wendling Marinaarable crops, soil+41 (0)62 865-1724

Contacts of the Department Suisse Romande at FiBL Frick