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organicXseeds now also available in Denmark

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The database organicXseeds is now online for Denmark.

(Frankfurt / Main, 24. February 2020) In order to make the availability of organic seeds more transparent, the implementation of an electronic database is obligatory for all EU member states according to Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and 889/2008. The offer of organic seeds published in the database forms the legal basis for the granting of derogations for the use of untreated, conventionally produced seed by the relevant control bodies and authorities.

Denmark will now also use organicXseeds as the official availability database for organic seeds starting 1st January 2020. A contract has been concluded with the responsible ministry (Ministry of Environment and Food - The Danish Agricultural Agency). As a result, seed suppliers can now also offer their seeds in Denmark and farmers in Denmark can view the seed offers and apply for derogations if necessary.

Denmark had its own database before, but has now switched to organicXseeds. OrganicXseeds is thus used in a total of eight European countries, in addition to Denmark also in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Danish site can be accessed at:

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