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New president for FiBL Europe

In early July, Urs Niggli, the previous president of FiBL Europe, handed over management to Beate Huber. FiBL Europe was founded in 2017 to represent its five-member organizations at a European level.

(Frick/Brussels, 15.07.2020) Urs Niggli, the long-standing Director of FiBL Switzerland, has retired and resigned as president of FiBL Europe, which is based in the EU capital Brussels. FiBL Europe coordinates the joint activities of its member organizations and facilitates cooperation with the institutions of the European Union and its partner organizations at a European level. Urs Niggli explained, ‘It was a bold step to start out as a small research, training and consulting institute in Brussels. However, the European Commission, as well as the public and private institutions and lobby groups that are active in Brussels, have reacted positively. After all, a position which is both scientifically sound and committed to organic farming is in high demand.’

The members of the Board of FiBL Europe thanked Urs Niggli for his impressive commitment to FiBL Europe, an institute that has rapidly become a major player in organic farming. 

Knut Schmidtke, director of FiBL Switzerland, emphasized that by electing Beate Huber as president, FiBL Europe had gained a strong leader for this position, who is very competent, widely recognized and has excellent international networks in organic agriculture. Robert Hermanowski, director of FiBL Germany and vice president of FiBL Europe, added, ‘Under her leadership, FiBL Europe will become an even stronger advocate for its member organizations in Europe, coordinating the acquisition and administration of research and development projects.’ 

Beate Huber added that the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy and the goal of achieving 25 % organic farming has set an important milestone for Europe. ‘It is very important that we position ourselves as FiBL so that we will contribute to the successful implementation of this strategy together. I am looking forward to this task’, said Beate Huber. In addition to her presidency, she will continue to perform her duties at FiBL Switzerland as head of the Department for International Cooperation and as the representative for corporate culture.

Further information


  • Beate Huber, President of FiBL Europe, Head of the Department of International Cooperation, FiBL Switzerland, Frick
  • Miguel de Porras, Director of FiBL Europe, Brussels
  • Dr. Helga Willer, Communication, FiBL Switzerland, Frick

Board members of FiBL Europe

  • Beate Huber, President FiBL Europe, Head of Department of International Cooperation at FiBL Switzerland, Frick
  • Dr. Robert Hermanowski, Vice president FiBL Europe, Director FiBL Germany, Frankfurt/Main
  • Andreas Kranzler, Secretary FiBL Europe, Director FiBL Austria, Vienna
  • Dr. Lucius Tamm, Director for Cooperation of FiBL Switzerland, Frick
  • Dr. Dóra Drexler, Director of the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi), Budapest
  • Dr. Felix Heckendorn, President FiBL France, Frick/Eurre

FiBL Europe and its members



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Beate Huber

Beate Huber, Head of Department of International Cooperation at FiBL Switzerland President of FiBL Europe

Robert Hermanowski

Dr. Robert hermanowski, Director of FiBL Germany Vice president of FiBL Europe

Andreas Kranzler

Andreas Kranzler, Director of FiBL Austria Secretary of FiBL Euope

Lucius Tamm

Dr. Lucius Tamm, Director of Cooperation of FiBL Switzerland

Dora Drexler

Dr. Dora Drexler, Director of the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi)

Felix Heckendorn

Dr. Sci. ETH Felix Heckendorn, President of FiBL France