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Italian Input List for organic production published

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As from today, the first issue of the Italian Input List is available online on It represents a directory of fertilizers, soil conditioners and plant protection products that may be used in organic farming in Italy.

(Brussels, 30.03.2020) Today the project partners FiBL and FederBio published the first issue of the Italian Input List online. The Italian Input List represents a public register of commercially available fertilisers, soil conditioners, plant protection products and related products. All products in this list have been thoroughly evaluated against relevant EU and national legislation, as well as additional requirements defined by FederBio and have undergone a thorough quality check by FiBL to be compliant with its quality standards. All listed inputs may be legally used by certified organic farmers in Italy.

The Italian Input List online directory aims to support different stakeholders including organic farmers, inspection and certification bodies, authorities and the manufacturers of inputs. Authorities, institutions and control bodies may use the given information to complement their input quality control system while organic input manufacturers are provided a valuable platform to demonstrate that their products are proven to be compliant with the organic production rules. Last, but not least, the Italian Input List supports organic farmers in their choice of farm inputs. The Italian Input List is public and free of charge.

Following a high quality approach and being backed by a tight quality monitoring system, the Italian Input List also addresses potential quality issues related to undecleared non-authorized substances, as well as contaminants. In this context the Italian Input List facilitates the increase of transparency within the input sector and promotes a harmonized and holistic approach of input evaluation for organic agriculture.

New evaluation round starts as from now

Directly after this first publication, companies have again the opportunity to submit their products for evaluation. Detailed information about the submission procedure, related costs as well as the required documents are available on the project website.

About the project partners

FiBL is an independent, non-profit, research institute with the aim of advancing cutting-edge science in the field of organic agriculture. FiBL’s research team works together with farmers to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions to boost agricultural productivity while never losing sight of environmental, health and socio-economic impacts. Alongside practical research, FiBL gives high priority to transferring knowledge into agricultural practice through advisory work, training and conferences. FiBL has offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Brussels (FiBL Europe) and numerous projects and initiatives in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

FederBio is a federation of national importance that was established in 1992 on the initiative of organizations from the entire value chain of organic and biodynamic agriculture, with the aim of protecting and promoting its development. FederBio is recognized as the institutional representation of the sector in national and regional groups and committees. Through its current member organisations, FederBio brings together almost all the representatives of the organic sector, active in production, processing, distribution, certification, standardisation and the protection of the interests of organic operators and other professionals in Italy.

Further information

FiBL contact

Pia Pedross, Input Evaluation, FiBL Europe, italy(at)



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