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German input list 2021 available

Cover German input list 2021

Just in time for BIOFACH: New edition of the "Input list for organic agriculture in Germany" is now available. By now round about 600 distributors use this possibility to present their trade products.

(Frankfurt/Main, February 16th, 2021)
The Input list 2021 (German edition only) can be ordered to the price of 16.00 Euros (19.00 CHF) plus shipping costs. Order Input list 2021

Input List - handout for organic farming

As usual the Input list compiled by FiBL Projekte GmbH contains trade products for the use in organic farming. These have been checked by FiBL experts for their compliance with the principles of organic farming with a view to the use in Germany. The list covers the following areas: Products for fertilisation, plant protection and plant strengthening, cleaning and disinfection, parasite control and feeding. In addition, there are cleaning agents and disinfectants that are suitable for use in wine and juice production.

The Input list comprises around 2,800 products and thus provides a good overview of the market for input for organic agriculture in Germany. It serves as a proven and reliable aid in practice, consultation and training.

Lists of organic farming associations

The organic association Demeter International and the German organic associations Bioland, Demeter, Gäa, ECOVIN and Naturland obtain lists especially for their use from FiBL Projekte GmbH, based on the Input list and put together according to their own criteria.

Up to date via

All currently listed products can be viewed just in time via the online search. Certificates of conformity to the EU-Regulations on organic farming as well as to the further guidelines can be downloaded and printed. All products registered for the Input list 2021 after its print, can also be found in the online search.

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