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FiBL sets the table at Expo Milano

Under the title of "Spirito di Basilea – Dinner is served!", FiBL and the city of Basel open their exhibition at the Swiss Pavilion during the Expo Milano. The focus is the city of Basel, as well as the question of how can a city eat sustainably. On 4 September, FiBL will hold a symposium to present visions and possible solutions.

An Italian cook will gather everyone to her table with the term "La cena è pronta!", she then goes on to serve delicious food every time. With the exhibition of the same name (English: "the table is set!"), the city of Basel and FiBL want to keep this promise. The meal served at the Expo between 7 August and 12 September will however not contain pasta with pesto or saltimbocca, but a wide range of information on the question of how a city can eat sustainably and how its residents can contribute by making use of urban food innovations.

Involvement is encouraged

The exhibition, designed by the Academy of Art and Design Basel (HGK), portrays the urban way of eating as a collective of production, processing, transport and consumption, and shows how this system extends into regional and global markets beyond the city’s limits. Furthermore, the exhibition highlights that Basel is part of a dense network of organisations and companies which deal with the topic of sustainable production and distribution of food.

The exhibition, in cooperation with Bio Suisse, Pro Specie Rara, Urban Agriculture Basel and other urban partners, sheds light on the following issues: Sustainable agriculture, drinking water treatment, seeds, food transport, local business partnerships, urban agriculture, allotment gardens, consumption and quality of life.

The aim of the exhibition is to encourage its visitors to deal with the topic of nutrition and actively take part themselves.

Symposium offers visions for supplying the city with sustainable food

As part of this exhibition, FiBL has organized a symposium titled "How to feed a city – visions, technologies, emotions" (in English) on 4 September. After an introduction by Urs Niggli, Director of FiBL, and presentations by Carolyn Steel (author of "Hungry City") and Maximilian Lössl (Association for Vertical Farming), Heidrun Moschitz and other experts will talk about open questions concerning urban supply: What are our visions for supplying a city with sustainable food? What are the technological solutions? What requirements does an urban food strategy have to meet?

You will find the event programme in the attachment of this media release. On the website of the city of Basel (see link below), it is possible to register online. Attendance of the symposium is free.

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