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Are you an exporter of organic products? A new website informs you on current requirements

A screenshot of the website OrganicExportInfo

The website OrganicExportInfo with information on current import rules of major import countries.

Navigating through the ever-changing import rules is now easier thanks to a new website: OrganicExportInfo. It allows exporters of organic products to find the current requirements for major import countries.

(Frick, 7 September 2017) Do you wish to export organic products and are you looking for information on the import rules of various countries? Visit the new website OrganicExportInfo. It allows you to find information on current import rules of major import countries, approved certification and control bodies as well as mandatory and voluntary standards and labels.

For each country, a short summary as well as a commented list of links provide information on the most important rules, since the requirements and regulations on the import and export of organic products change nearly as quickly as the weather.

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