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Support for organic plant breeding research


A strong organic plant breeding is the basis for the future development of the organic agriculture sector. Currently, only a very small fraction of the used varieties of the organic agriculture is derived from organic plant breeding. One of the major reasons for this is the financial lack of organic plant breeders. Thus, the project "Support for organic plant breeding research" supports organic plant breeders for the application of publically funded projects for plant breeding research in order to improve knowledge transfer between breeders and researchers and the financial basis for organic plant breeding. This will be achieved mainly by the following activities:

  • Conduction of a sector demand study
  • Project scouting: exploration of financial possibilities for organic plant breeding and plant breeding research on national and European level
  • Support to establish promising consortia for the identified call on national and European level
  • Support for the formal application via the preliminary investigation, clear instructions and presentation etc.
  • Provision of literature research and their evaluation of results needed for the application (state of science).
  • Support with the project management of successfully received research projects.
Financing/ Donor
  • Software Stiftung Deutschland
  • Anbauverbände Deutschland
(Research) Program
  • Foundation Mercator Switzerland – Organic agriculture
Project partners

Ökozüchter in Deutschland:

Ökozüchter in der Schweiz:


  • Bioland
  • Naturland
  • Demeter Deutschland
  • Demeter Schweiz
  • Demeter International
  • Bio Suisse

Lobby Gruppen:

  • ECO-PB
  • IFOAM-EU Group
  • TP-Organic Technology innovation platform IFOAM (TIPI)
FiBL project leader/ contact
FiBL project staff
Role of FiBL

Project coordination and implementation

Further information News "Öffentliche Gelder für die ökologische Pflanzenzüchtungsforschung" (in german)

Research area
  • Organic seed (Germany)
  • Plant Breeding (Department of Crop Sciences)
FiBL project number 20030, 6404, 6406
Date modified 12.11.2019