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Botanical plant protection agent from Larix by-products


The main objective of ProLarix is to facilitate the translation of an innovation developed under  “FP7 project ForestSpeCs”, from an intriguing concept to a business model for European SMEs in the forest and agricultural sector. “FP7 project ForestSpecs” evaluated the potential use of bioactive extracts from by-products of the forest industry. Constituents of Larix by-products were demonstrated to have a high potential to be integrated into a fungicide (plant protection product, PPP) with (i) high efficacy against a key disease in agriculture, (ii) a favourable environmental profile with respect to environmental impact and use of renewable resources, as well as (iii) a high potential to generate added value in forest industry and European production of ‘smart’ crop protection technologies. Bringing potential plant protection products to the market necessitates substantial investments in the registration dossier and market development. It is therefore essential to provide a priori information in order to predict the scale of investments as well as the time needed for registration of a novel PPP under EU legislation. ProLarix will therefore (i) pilot the production and use of Larix extracts, (ii) validate its efficacy and demonstrate its value as a PPP in European grapevine production systems, (iii) demonstrate the avenue for large scale production of a high quality product, (iv) fill in data gaps and provide an initial data set to be used for future registration and (v) prepare a road map for the development of a full dossier and the capture of the market.

Financing/ Donor


(Research) Program
  • European Union: 7th Research Framework Programme
Project partners
  • Researchinstitute of Organic Agriculture
  • Trifolio-M GmbH
  • GAB Consulting GmbH
  • University of Helsinki
  • University of Surrey
FiBL project leader/ contact
  • Tamm Lucius (Director of Cooperation, Department of Crop Sciences)
FiBL project staff
Role of FiBL


Research area
  • Crop Protection - Phytopathology (Department of Crop Sciences)
FiBL project number 2504301
Date modified 12.11.2019