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The database organicXseeds is currently used in seven European countries to survey the availability of organic seeds.

Using organic seed and vegetative propagation material is a fundamental principle in organic farming and became mandatory within the organic agriculture regulations in 2004, in particular in the European Union’s (EU) regulations (EC) 834/2007 and 889/2008 Article 48-56. However, when organically produced seed is verifiably unavailable, a derogation for the use of untreated non-organically produced seed can be granted by respective national authorities or control bodies. To improve information on the availability of organic seed and provide transparency on granted derogations, an online database is obligatory for all EU Member States. Whilst the authorisation of exceptions remains possible, the entries in this database build the legal basis for granting derogations for the use of untreated conventional propagation material (Article 45 in 889/2008).

Once a year, statistical analyses are given to the respective authorities. These analyses are also the basis for the yearly report of the state authorities to Brussels.

For a user fee, suppliers of organic seeds can register and put their offers and availability of seeds on organicXseeds.com.

Farmers can verify the availability of required varieties, directly contact suppliers, apply for individual licenses directly and print documents to prove the non-availability of certain varieties to the controlling bodies.


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  • Competent authorities of the countries
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Date modified 28.08.2020
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