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Towards sustainable modes of urban and peri-urban food provisioning


Until recently, short food supply chains and multifunctional agriculture were considered to be part of the rural development realm. These topics get increasingly important in the context of sustainable urban development. Short food supply chains have been advocated as a means to reduce the environmental impact of the agro-food system.

However, to improve the ecological performance of the agro-food system other flows (e.g. nutrients, water, and urban waste) need to be considered as well. In the current context these aspects are usually treated separately. This project will treat them in an integrated manner. Research will be carried out in seven European city-regions (Rotterdam (NL), Rome (IT), Ghent (BE), Vigo (ES), Bristol (UK), Zurich (CH) and Riga (LV) in collaboration with a diverse group of SMEs and will identify innovate modes of urban and peri-urban food provisioning, nutrient, water and waste management, and multifunctional use of urban and peri-urban space. The project will also establish links with researchers, policymakers and SMEs in these domains in developing countries. This will be organised through a process of dialogue, sharing of experiences, exchange of best practice and joint learning.

Detailed Description

The project has the following major themes:

  1. Agri-food dynamics and governance in city regions;
  2. Urban and peri-urban short food supply chains: lessons from the South;
  3. Closing of water, nutrient and waste cycles in urban and peri-urban agriculture;
  4. Short chain delivery of food in urban and peri-urban areas;
  5. Multifunctional land use in urban and peri-urban areas.
(Research) Program
  • European Union: 7th Research Framework Programme
Project partners
  • Wageningen Universiteit
  • Associazione Italiana per l’ Agricoltura Biologica (AIAB)
  • Universiteit Gent
  • Universidade de Vigo
  • University of Gloucestershire
  • University of the West of England
  • Landbouw Economisch Instituut
  • Nodibinajums Baltic Studies Centre
  • RUAF Foundation (International Network of Resource centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security)
  • F3 Consultants Co-operative CIC
  • Stichting Uit Je Eigen Stad
  • Maschinenring Plus AG
  • Comunidade de Montes Veciñais en Man Común (CMVMC) de Vincios
  • Willem & Drees BV
  • Pico Bio AG
  • Agricoltura Nuova Societa Cooperativa Sociale Agricola Integrata
  • RoomeR BVBA
  • The Community Farm Limited
  • Sabiedriba Ar Ierobezotu Atbildibu- kalnciema Iela KQ
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